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Hate working in Mid Valley

Posted Jan 18 2010 5:12am

The ‘new’ job’s office is in MidValley. Since October, more than 3 months now, working in that jam packed area. Going to the office in the morning still alright, since not many shoppers would be there at 9am.

But going home, the moment we left the car park, jam started. On bad days, jam even started in the car park itself!

Last month, there was a Friday that was a Selangor holiday but not KL. So, we have to work, but the fellas from Selangor didn’t have to. I happened needed to go out for 2 client meetings, one in the morning back at 12 noon, another one in the afternoon back at 3:30pm.

The one in the morning was bad, but not too bad. The one in the afternoon… I almost cried. I had to drive coz the place I visited was hard to get a cab home. I had 2 guailou directors in my car, whom I must send back to the office. The moment we reached the ring road, we were stuck. The road leading to the car park was blocked, not even to the valet parking area. I was told to use valet parking because it would be impossible to get into the car park. But I just couldn’t even access to that area! I couldn’t even drop the 2 directors.

I was stuck in the jam to almost an hour, finally managed to drop them off, but I couldn’t get in and couldn’t leave my car anywhere.

Worst was that – my bladder was exploding! I had been holding it for hours due to that stupid traffic. I finally called someone to bring my notebook down, and left for home. I only able to use the toilet after another 45 min, at home. :(

I really don’t understand why people like to shop in Mid Valley. Going in is bad, leaving is also bad. The variety is limited. The only thing nice is probably choice of food. But would you jam all the way to just eat something that you can probably find in other places as well? Sigh! Next time I find a job, I must think hard where the office is located! Ahem!

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