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Happy Un-Birthday, to You!

Posted Jul 23 2013 6:00am
In our home, Alexandra and Lorelai get birthday parties in rotating years since they both have October birthdays and we [I] don't want to throw two friend parties back to back (especially when they would have very similar guest lists!).

So every other year it is.

Last year was Lorelai's turn.
Huge fail on my part.
If you recall, Elisabeth had been in immense pain and I left a day or so after Lorelai's birthday to take her to a hospital in Salt Lake City. Needless to say, Lorelai's party never happened.
Fast forward to a few weeks ago. Lorelai says to Donald, "Dad, am I ever going to have my birthday party?" Oops. Kids don't forget these things. So...a party was planned. Instead of handing out birthday invites, we planned a summer pool party. Some friends of our have a fantastic pool in their backyard and generously let us invite some 15 or so girls to their home.
So with no further ado, I present you with Lorelai's un-birthday party:
  photo fb912b2f-8d54-4cfc-b003-95fd705396ab_zpsda717440.jpg  photo a9a7ae5e-cc8a-45c7-b142-2b03249c2686_zpsf7888175.jpgEven though we told everyone that gifts weren't necessary, Lorelai ended up with a huge pile of presents. She was thrilled!
 photo 8531f4e9-0c57-46d7-82d8-48496d1eb277_zpseaf8946e.jpg  photo 8f3981bf-77cd-455a-936f-dbfaa94ba2f9_zpsd413265b.jpg  photo df1cd4dd-9502-4d6e-a4d0-4f5eaba59cd2_zps6fa38fe5.jpg  photo 52fa9df4-ceee-4387-ba05-dcefb6d5973b_zpsc831472f.jpg  photo 5ebe4bfa-8a70-49c2-9694-fff1fe3fab09_zpsc8a9f81f.jpg  photo 5c33ba4b-d086-4604-be03-a09c3058a785_zps6bd74c67.jpg  photo e8eca5b5-8575-434e-a475-12806b892b1a_zps76389bcb.jpg  photo 2fcfdeb7-6fe2-4b87-9909-a0d48da2da4e_zps7368fd15.jpg
A very, merry un-birthday, to you!!
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