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Happy nEw yeaR

Posted Jan 03 2011 7:19am

Emily loves random capitalization, so that title is just for her.  And because I think I am ever-so-clever.  But I’ve already digressed before this post has even started!  I rang in the New Year this weekend by going to bed at like 9:30 on New Year’s Eve and praying my baby would sleep well (he’s been extreeeeemely unpredictable in that department) so that I could get some rest.  And he did do pretty well.  In fact, it was his best night ever.  Which would have been really awesome…if Joshua had not woken up at 1 a.m. with a 102 fever, abdominal pain in his right side, and nausea and vomiting.

Unfortunately for us all, Joshua has inherited my tendency to panic and freak out about…everything.  He had discovered that same night that he had a very loose bottom front tooth, his first one, and he was CONVINCED that he had swallowed his tooth and that’s what was causing the stomach pain.  (The tooth remains quite loose but intact.)

I, on the other hand, was convinced that he had appendicitis. Because I am an expert, see, ’cause I had mine out when I was 18 AND I had severe pain in my right side, fever, and vomiting with it. SO – I made Bobby take the kid to the ER.  Adding to my worry was that the night before I’d noticed that Joshua had some swollen bumps on one side of his neck.  But he had no fever, sore throat or any other complaints so I let it go.  Now however, it had me even more concerned.

Bobby got Joshua ready, packed a few things, and they went to our local Children’s hospital ER.  They were gone for three hours, almost all of which Jonah slept through – his longest stretch to date.  But I couldn’t sleep. I was too nervous and worried.  Bobby and I texted back and forth and then about 3:30 he texted that it was NOT appendicitis and that they were going to draw blood and do an x-ray to make sure the swollen bumps on his neck – his lymph nodes – were ok.  So that’s when I REALLY started freaking – I would much rather have my kid have appendicitis than something be majorly wrong.

Then I didn’t hear from Bobby for over an hour, and I was fully panicked. Just praying the same words over and over again, basically.  “Let my big boy be ok.”  When Bobby walked into our bedroom at 4:45 and told me Joshua was fine, it was just a nasty virus, I burst into tears of joy and exhaustion. (They send him home with an Rx for Zofran {my old friend!} and 24 hours later he was much better). Bobby and I tried to lay down and get some sleep.

And THEN the baby woke up.

But I was so happy and thankful, I didn’t even care.

How did you spend your New Year?  I hope it was happy and slightly less eventful than ours!

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