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Happy Healthy Hip Pregnancy

Posted Oct 10 2010 9:22am
I think I’ve done more research during this pregnancy than I did when I was pregnant with my son seven years ago. I relied on friends and medical professionals to see me through my pregnancy then and I was so busy with work that the nine months flew right by. Of course, I did browse the occasional website or pregnancy book to follow the progress of the baby and to make sure everything I was experiencing was normal.

This time, I’m so much more aware of the little things going on with my body that I’m constantly checking different resources (for second or third opinions) and it’s making me a little anxious. Of course, the anxiety may have something to do with the fact that my husband isn’t here to experience everything with me. As I count down the weeks we have left to go, I’m making back-up plans, just in case this baby decides to come early. I have a lot to do in order to get ready still.

The insurance company and the plan that we have through my husband’s job is amazing. We’ve enrolled in the Healthy Start program which means that a nurse is assigned to me and she calls from time to time to check in on how things are going. We also will receive a $50 Visa card when the baby comes to spend on whatever we’d like (probably diapers, or other baby essentials).

Through the program, I also received a copy of the book, “ Your Pregnancy Week by Week ,” which has helpful tips, realistic descriptions and explanations for both mom and dad as well as line drawings of what the baby looks like each of the 40 weeks you’re carrying him or her. There’s even exercise tips (with images) that are helpful, nutritional guidelines, what you can expect at your doctor’s visits as well as pre-pregnancy info (fertility issues, nutrition, lifestyle changes), post-pregnancy info (breastfeeding and recovery) and a full glossary and index for people like me who are curious about specific symptoms, issues or diagnoses.

I probably would have never purchased this book on my own but it’s been very helpful so far and I love that I can pick it up and share it with my son, read a few pages to my husband or look ahead to see what issues I may have to deal with in the coming weeks.

Along with this book, I’ve been encouraged to sign up for the Text4Baby text messaging program which is fun and informative. It’s also FREE which means that even if you don’t have a text messaging plan, you will not be charged for the incoming texts which are sent up to three times a week. If you’re curious about how it works, you can sign up by texting BABY to 511411 and you’ll be guided through the easy setup process which asks for your due date and zip code.

Here are some online pregnancy resources that have helped me out so far and some that I’ll turn to when I’m looking for information after the baby comes:


Breastfeeding Info –
La Leche League –

Car Seat Safety

Inspection Sites –
Car Seat Safety & Product Recalls –
Consumer Product Safety Commission –

Childbearing / Labor & Delivery

Lamaze –
Doulas of North America –
International Childbirth Education Association –

Healthy Pregnancy

American Pregnancy Association –
Babycenter –
Healthfinder –
March of Dimes –
Mayo Clinic –
WebMD –
Health 4 Mom –


American Academy of Pediatrics –


USDA, The Pyramid –

There seems to be so many sites out there devoted to moms and their kids but when it comes to health and accurate information, you obviously need to discuss any concerns or issues with your health care provider. What other sites have I missed that should be included in this list?

Happy Healthy Hip Parenting
Peace Begins in the Home

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