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Happy Happy, Joy Joy

Posted Jul 31 2011 12:56am

I had a very productive day today. My dad lent us a lot of boxes for our move, so I took apart the kids' room and packed away 90% of their toys, the jumperoo, bouncer, etc. I also emptied the toy organizer in the process and moved it into my room to see how it would work as a cloth diaper/kids' pajamas/underwear/socks/hairbows station. So far, I'm loving it. I've debated bringing it to my in-law's, but after using it this way today, I think bringing it would be a good idea and will help to better utilize our closet space for our clothes and shoes.

My plan for tomorrow is to take all of the pictures off the walls and box them up, take apart the crib and changing table and set them against the wall in my room and box up all of the small kitchen appliances. The more I can take care of on my own while Ryan is at work, the more we can do other productive things on his weekend like find a storage unit and start moving boxes over. My MIL wants the couches (they were originally Ryan's late paternal grandmother's) and my SIL told me to toss the dining set since the chairs are pretty junkie, so I'm glad we'll have those out of our way soon.

I filled the trunk in the wagon floor to ceiling the other day with clothes, toys and other odds and ends and dropped them off at the Salvation Army. I already have another huge bag full of clothes and toys to donate tomorrow. My plan is to move things over in the wagon over Ryan's next two weekends that way when moving day comes, all we need to put in storage is our bedroom furniture, crib, changing table and Franky's bed. The only thing left will be our clothes and a few small toys for the kids to keep upstairs. I'm debating bringing the Beaba and food mill. It has been wonderful to have for making Mimi's food (she refuses jar food) and I'd hate to not be able to use it so I may keep it in my room until it's time to make Mimi's food and then clean it and put it back up.

I got a few more questions, so I'll answer them here =)

How long do we plan on staying? Truthfully, we initially planned to only stay a month but after talking to Ryan's parents, we think it would be smarter to stay for a while longer to take care of our bankruptcy and then save every penny and buy a house. We are probably looking at anywhere from six months to a year. It all kind of depends. I don't want to impose or become a burden, so as long as Ry's parents are happy to have us, we're happy to stay, if that makes sense.  

Do I really think this will help my marriage? In any other situation, I'd probably say no, but considering our situation, it absolutely will. My MIL has been wanting to keep the kids forever and since we'll all be living under the same roof, I'll have an easier time letting go to get out with Ryan every now and then to reconnect and have a quick dinner or watch a movie. I think the root of our issues is that we don't dedicate any time to eachother. By the time he gets home from work, I'm fixing him a plate and getting the kids in bed. Once that's all done I'm either tossing a load of laundry in or sitting down for the first time all day. That's my me time. I'm selfish when I have a moment to myself. I don't want to share it with anyone, not even my husband. That's when I can take a shower, finish reading a chapter in a book, or watch a movie.

Will I continue to cloth diaper? Absolutely, yes. We plan to get more diaper liners so I can flush the poop or possibly even a diaper sprayer. I'll keep the diaper pail in our room and will probably wash diaper covers, Elementals, 4.0's, pail liners and wet bags separate that way I can dry them on the "air dry" cycle (no heat) and then wash all of the inserts separate and dry them on normal. I still plan to bring the drying rack and if it's more convenient to continue air drying the covers, liners and wet bags, then I'll do diaper laundry in the evening and air drying everything over night.

Speaking of CD's, I told Ry about the BG Buy 5 Get 1 sale and he agreed that we could get them at the end of the month so he can help with diaper changes (he refuses to touch CD's unless they're the AIO's). He agreed only if he got to pick the colors this time, lol. I've stuck to neutrals (dark green, light green, yellow, orange, off-white) but he said he wants to get one light pink, two dark pink, one light blue and two dark blue. He said that while Franky is still potty training, he'd like him to have a few blue ones since we have none and that since Marija will wear them through potty training (which is at least two more years) that he'd like her to have pink ones. And since she has a lot of outfits that have light and dark blue designs, she can wear the blue ones to match. If we have another baby and it's a boy, we'll either sell our pink ones or pack them away if we ever have another girl. If it's a girl, then we're good to go since the "boy" colors are more girl-friendly than the girl ones for boys. I'm very excited about this! In all the years we've been married, I've never asked for anything for my birthday, so this year, I'm excited to finally ask for something I really want.

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