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Happy Birth Day- Zoe's Story

Posted Oct 25 2009 12:00am

Zoe Beth

Well as you already know Zoe made her debut to the world just two days ago! First, what many of you are wondering... Daniel decided to name her Zoe Beth. Yes, yes. If you recall that is the name I originally had picked out for her before she was even conceived! And does he remember? Of course not! Ha ha ha! So that is her middle name, which means "Promise of God".

Now to the fun stuff... the Birth Story! Note: It's long!

Friday I had a list of things we needed to do: grocery store and the bank. But first I decided to lay down and take a nap. We were all lazying around, no one was dressed. I was absolutely exhausted Friday morning! I laid in bed for about 10 minutes, just daydreaming and unable to fall asleep when.............. my water broke!

It felt like I had accidentally peed myself without actually pushing to pee. So I stood up and fluid gushed out. And no it's not like in the movies where you have an awesome puddle at your feet. It pretty much got soaked up by my sweatpants. I started yelling for Daniel to come upstairs and when I told him my water broke he exclaimed, "Are you kidding?!" He didn't believe me until I showed him my pants.

I went to sit on the toilet while he ran around the house, spazzing out. The poor guy didn't know what to do first! So I had him get me some clean un.dies so I could put a pad on and put on some clean pants. I started shaking uncontrollably right after my water broke, complete with and chattering teeth. All of a sudden I felt really unready. The shaking was a hormonal reaction.

We got everything squared away; Abigail off to Poppy's house, our bag and pillows packed in the car, call put in to midwife and Daniel's mom following us in her car.

When we arrived I was to have 20 minutes of fetal monitoring. The nurse also confirmed my water had broken with a test strip. Now I was thinking that I had to be dilated to the very least 5cm. Oh no, I was only 3cm when we arrived. AND baby's head was still high enough that the umbilical cord could slip out before Zoe and potentially kill her. So I had to lay there for a bit until she dropped more and so the umbilical cord was in the clear.

It didn't take long. Each and every contraction brought so much pressure it was hard not to push. I could feel her getting lower and lower. I did not get a midwife room with the big whirlpool but I did get a room that had a bathtub in the bathroom instead of a shower.

In just about 10 minutes or so I was told we were in the clear of a cord prolapse and was free to get up to move around. That was pretty difficult to do because I think I tore a round ligament. So I decided to get in the little tub. At first it was amazing but then it felt too hot and too cramped and I had to get out. It was pretty much impossible to find a position to help me get through contractions and the water kept draining out.

By this point I was 5cm and I told the nurse I didn't care anymore and that I wanted drugs and I wanted them now. She only said, "I'll see what the midwife wants us to try first". I don't even know what they gave me. Apparently something to take the edge off. I think it was a placebo because all it did was make me dizzy and a little nauseated.

I had a lot of cervical checks during labor as well. How many total I have no idea. But because I had my other daughters within 3-3.5 hours of my water breaking and I kept saying I had so much pressure they would keep checking to let me know when I could safely push so I wouldn't rip my cervix (*shudder*).

My midwife kept offering me things, such as the birth ball or walking. But I ended up staying in bed, curled up on my side, because of the drug I was given. In retrospect I really should've gotten up! It makes contractions less intense.

I didn't have an IV, didn't have continual fetal monitoring, etc. When the contractions started coming faster and faster I could hear myself groaning out, "For the love of God not another one!" I have to admit I was afraid of not having an epidural. But I decided to trust myself.

I kept my eyes screwed shut almost the entire time trying to focus on breathing. I kept trying to relax my body through contractions instead of fight them (Daniel later told me that when holding his hand through contractions my hand was completely limp). But that pressure! Her little head was coming down fast.

And then, seemingly out of nowhere, I started bearing down to push and started yelling. I think my door was ajar as well. So I want to take a moment to apologize to all the moms on the floor who were probably freaked out by what they heard. It was a really weird, out-of-body kind of experience while pushing. I could hear myself but it sounded so far away like it was someone else, as though they were in a tunnel.

No one was telling me to hold my breath and no one was counting like a drill sergeant in my ear. The midwife just kept telling me to let my body do the work. I was so desperate to get Zoe out because that whole "ring of fire" thing is truly painful. I pushed Zoe out in about 1 minute because I knew if I just pushed and got her out the pain would stop.

The nurse had gone off to get some glycerin; I assume the midwife wanted it to massage the perineum to prevent tearing. So the midwife was there all by herself... when I gave birth in the side-lying position.

She didn't have time to break down the bed. She only had enough time to have my husband grab a leg and hold it for me and to put on her protective gear. There was nothing on the floor or the bed to catch all the fluids. She had one hand up to catch baby while she reached behind her trying to grab things. I kept yelling, "Just pull her out!" and kept trying to reach down to feel if her head was out yet because I kept thinking it was.

Miss Zoe was born directly onto the bed 5 hours after my water broke and we made a big, beautiful mess! She didn't really cry until after we cut the cord (which we delayed clamping and cutting until it stopped pulsing). Then she gave us a good cry. She didn't even have a cone-head like most newborns because she came down so fast.

I held her for quite a long while, skin-to-skin, before they weighed her. I declined the Hep B vaccine for her and the baby nurse kept asking me if we wanted the other things (eye drops, Vitamin K injection, etc.). This was the first time, at a birth, that I was asked if I wanted those things or not!

Her stats: Zoe Beth H. born on October 23rd at 2:06pm at 40 weeks 3 days. She was 8lbs 4 ounces and 20.5 inches long.
My stats: almost drug-free natural birth which resulted in no tearing!

Zoe is pretty quiet and loves to be held. She has stork bites on one eyelid, her forehead, back of the neck and down her back! I'm telling you... that stork kept trying to tell her it was time to come out! Those birthmarks will go away in time. I think they're super cute but I may be biased.

Nursing is going really well except for some pain on one breast. Right now my milk is coming in and I'm getting engorged. So I'm off to feed this sleeping beauty who is curled up on my lap on the Boppy, as I type.

Will post more pictures another day!
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