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halloween take 1

Posted Oct 25 2008 4:47pm
gabby had a halloween parade yesterday at school. i kept asking myself why the 24th and not next friday, the 31st? after it was all said and done, i was yet again reminded of why i pay so much to have goddard parent my child. that was certainly enough halloween stimulation and candy for one day!

let me give you a little background on the costume. i'm not one of those moms that goes out and buys the pumpkin costume and says "you're going to be a pumpkin for halloween". i'm all about freedom of expression....well to a point. not saying i don't use a little reverse psychology, subliminal coersion or white lying here and there....but for the most part i'm open. gabby, my friend and i went to the halloween costume store and i picked out three costumes (the three that i liked the best of course) and laid them on the floor for her to pick. the options were 1. little red riding hood 2. vampira 3. witch. She went right for the vampira (girly vampire). this was no surprise since on the way to the store she told us in a very scarrrry voice that she wanted to be a monsta! ( kate - you may want to stop reading now....i don't want you to think less of me )

fast forward to yesterday. another bonus of having the parade yesterday for big momma was that i was still recuperating from my rally adventure the day before, and the parade allowed me to leave work at 2:30! i arrived at gabrielle's school just in time to get her ready. half of the kids were already dressed in their costumes that ranged from a spider to a bumble bee to a superman,etc. etc. phew! no bloodsuckers in sight! gabby had just woken up from her nap and was having her snack but she quickly dissed the snickerdoodle (snacks are usually healthier but this was a special day...don't judge me) when she saw that i was holding her costume! we went to the back of the classroom to make the magic happen....we didn't anyone to steal our hair and makeup techniques....well and i didn't feel good about spraying my 'big sexy hair' hairspray near the kids cookies (yes i used hairspray on my 2 year old's virgin hair...sue me!). i get the little vampire all dressed, hair did and makeup done and she looks great! unfortunately she wouldn't let me put the vampire cape on which really makes the outfit but oh well. now time for pictures! what's that mommy? pictures? oh that's my cue to start acting like a little turd and not let you take one good picture, right?!? yes gabby - that's right.

i started with an attempt to video her but she simultaneously found the big sexy hairspray and was trying to spray the class....

and here are my few attempts at getting a picture of her face before she soon licked her black lips and smeared the blood.....



finally daddy arrives! here is my chance to get some great face shots.....or so i thought...


every time i went to click take a pic (name that show mommas) she turned her head! but this one is cute because i quickly put the cape on before she ripped it off and got a profile shot..


here is a full body shot of the little night creature..


daddy's turn with the's the only full body shot showing her face so i spared you the horrid triple chinned face i was making in this one...tee hee


about this time gabby thought to herself 'wait a second, why are my parents taking all of the pictures...that's my camera! i must show them who is boss!'



so now we begin with photos by gabby z. but first let me back up a bit and share with you some of the looks the parents were giving myself and my child when they saw what she was dressed up as. they looked a little like "that crazy mother is putting blood and black lipstick and hairspray on her precious child and she's having another one?!? maybe i should call child services."

gabby's first photo captured one such face in the midst of thinking "oh now they give her their camera to take my kid is going to want my camera....great"


gabby wasn't impressed with her photogenicness so she decided to take pictures of big momma....this was my opportunity to show my fellow moms just how crazy i am!




sweet, my plan was need to worry about anyone asking me to babysit!


gabrielle's teachers were very amused and familiar with my scare tactics...


this mom...not so much...


and finally gabby decided to shoot her fellow bumblebee classmate wondering if bee blood would satisfy her cravings....hey, wait a second! that's the doctor that gave me a root canal earlier this year! when i asked him if he was doctor 'x' he confirmed and his wife seemed pleased that her husband had brought pain to the mother of the dysfunctional classmate that her poor daughter had to share a class with...



the end.

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