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haiti, uganda, zumba, crazy love & youtube

Posted Jun 20 2012 12:04pm
{one of my most clever titles thus far, don't ya think?}

Okay, so this isn't so much a deep post.  
Nor is it a post tipping you off to a new beauty product I'm loving.

It's just a "Hey, here's what's up post."  And I am going to try not to get all deep and spiritual about anything, because my mind needs to rest for a sec.
Seriously.  I need a brain vacay.
This may be why I'm starting a new blog with my sister Heather.It'll be NOTHING deep and everything about home, decor, beauty and more...And it's in the design process, and I can't wait to share my sister with you guys.I adore her beyond words. {as I do all my sisters.}
Okay, so I'm just going to write it all out as though I think that you really really care, and unload this list once and for all.
The list of my life at the moment.

As you guys probably know, I think I can officially say I'm now a PAID freelance writer , and I ADORE my job .  ADORE.Not to mention The Mommalogues , which is such a doesn't even feel like work.  
The tough part?  Coming up with amazeball pitches and meeting deadlines.  Who knew there could be tough side to writing??
I keep hoping in time, I'll get the hang of it and my editors will love me the way I so desire them too.It's the middle child in me.I need acceptance.Love me.

I'm going to start teaching Zumba.  Aqua Zumba to be exact.  And I'm hoping I'll be ready to teach my own classes by August.
And yes. I realize I'm totally white.But I DO have a Hispanic last name.{by marriage.}
It's just that I love dancing, and I need to force myself to workout more, and I LOVE being around people, making them laugh and have fun....not to mention I need money for all these mission trips/or other such plans God may have for our Aqua Zumba it will be.My soon to be passion/hobby/part time job.
If someone will hire.If people will come.
I already have two routines down, with only 8 more to go before I can teach a full class.  I'm thinking maybe I'll dye my hair dark and start working on Latin accent.  
Jimmy says I already have the Latina feisty thing going on, so I'm kinda close.'s almost as though God has been prepping me for this all my married life.

Along with this, my kids are home from school for the summer.And while I'm not as anxious about it as I was last year (maybe it's the hormone balancing that's finally happening?  more on that later.), it's still, you know, summer vacation.
And my kids?They have a passion to be WHEREVER it is I AM.  
We have a 1200 sq ft house  with a 1/2 acre of land (that we may sell soon), and the reason it's so small is because even if we had a huge house, they would still ALWAYS be in the room that I am.  Even if that room is a stinky bathroom.  They just don't care.
One day I will miss that.Right?
I'll one day miss the incessant talking that Taylor has the gift of doing.Phrasing a sentence/question in about 30 different ways in a surprisingly SHORT amount of time.  Although it FEELS as though hours have passed.
"Who ate this strawberry?""Nobody, I cut off the bad parts.""It looks like somebody ate part of it right here.""No, I just sliced off the soft parts.""You sure nobody ate any part of this?""No.""Maybe Chloe?  I think Chloe ate part of this..."
And on and on and ON it goes.
I'll miss that right?
I'll also miss the screaming that Chloe has a gift for doing.At home.In public.In my dreams.
{if you follow on facebook , you know she got kicked out of swim lessons for this psychotic behavior}
It'll be a cute memory one day, right?

And then there's this weight loss I have got going on.Or SHOULD have going on.But somehow that insane self control I used to have??
It's gone, along with minute parts of my sanity.
And so every day, I am trying to accomplish just one or two goals.And so far it's happening, but this mushy body still there.
Wish it melted away as fast as it come on.
iphone-app-myfitnesspal {my new best friend, my fitness pal app}
I think plastic surgery is looking better and better.Plus, I hear it comes with great pain pills.That's sounds kind of nice right now.
In the meantime, I've been slacking on posting What I wore out posts because nothing looks cute on me except miu miu's.  And that can only be cute in a fashion

I'm trying to take a break from watching YouTube Beauty Channels.  It's causing a fluctuation in our budget, and I fear it may be the cause of us possibly needing to sell our house.  Plus, how many pink lipsticks does one girl REALLY need?
30+ if you watch YouTube.Which I do.  I mean did.
And if I quit watching YouTube (i mean, take a break.  i can't quit you YouTube), maybe I should take a break from making YouTube videos.  Not that they're all that popular anyway (why don't they love me??)....but still.  I would hate to stumble the three that do watch.
But then that brings us back to my issues with lack of self control, of which you may have plenty.If that is the case, you are welcome to move in and teach me your ways.
And then...
We are praying over two mission to Haiti and one to Uganda.  All in the next year. And it excites me and scares me.Because what if anxiety strikes up again while I'm out in the far away lands?What if I need to poop for a really long time when I'm supposed to be building a school or something?What if there are....BUGS??
God is bigger than all that.I must remember.

{i did it before, i can do it again.}

And so, with all of this going on in my life....I decided (more so God did) that I needed to add in leading a summer bible study through Crazy Love with a group of our High School girls.
And that??Is what is keeping me grounded.Those amazing girls.That inspiring study.That bi-monthly reminder that AlLLLLLL that other stuff above is just stuff...and what really matters is the stuff of Monday night bonding and study.

Oh.  Also.I'm behind in MANY sponsored posts and giveaways.In fact, I may be on some black lists now because of this.
But, I blame perimenopause.And weight gain.For the next 8-10 years, that will absolutely be my scapegoat with or without hormone replacement therapy.

I need a vacation.Somewhere quiet.Somewhere there aren't ANY that I can lay out.And just be silent.And allow my soul to breathe and regain what's been lost in the shuffle.
Have you ever just CRAVED peace and silence?
I forget, I'm writing to a group of mostly moms.Of course you do.
Maybe, that's next on my to do list.Forget blogging conferences.{See you at BlogHer12?}Let's plan a quiet peaceful conference.

And speaking of conferences, anybody get their feelings hurt that they aren't approached to speak or share on their wisdom?No?Just me?Again.Blaming perimenopause.Or middle child syndrome.

So, ya....that's what's up.Without getting deep.
What up wit you?
© 2012 "Le Musings of Moi"
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