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Hair cuts, sin, and the Olympic divers skimpy bathing suits–puhlease!

Posted Jul 30 2012 10:10pm

photo (7)

Is that not two pieces of cuteness right there? They both have the hair in their eyes thing going on and they both have beautiful brown eyes…...that their hair is covering up. But Mitchell just got all his hair cut off today in preparation for school dress code. We’re usually skidding in at the last second for hair cuts but this year I intend for that to be different. Lets hope it will be. Apparently about ten other people had the same “back to school hair cut” idea today because the place was packed.

photo (6)

Sophie got her hair whacked today as well. She’s been begging for short hair but I told her she needed to wait until after her dance recital so we could pull it back in a bun and to make sure she really wanted it short. This girl knows what she wants and she stuck to her desire for short hair. I think it’s really cute. I just hope I can do it right. I’m not a great hair doodee uppier. I love that girl’s smile. It’s infectious.

On the puppy front…….Dooley is doing well. She’s a cutie and we love her but bless her soul she can’t take any lovin’ talk without tinkling on the floor. I am praying she outgrows it but at her vet check the vet tech and the vet both said, “Oh yeah, that’s cocker spaniel for you!” I was like “How in the world did we miss that in all our research of breeds to pick.” But it is what it is. She’s doing good at going outside when we take her. And we try not talking to her at all and no goo-goo-gah-gah talk when we first get her out of her crate to take her out but still she gets excited and goes a little. She’s still a puppy so I’m hoping she’ll grow out of it. Mitchell said we could always buy a puppy diaper for her. Our kids would love to have a diaper wearing dog. That would so fit our family.

On the church front……Randy preached an amazing sermon on holiness and sin from the life of Achan. It was really powerful and thought provoking. I felt the Lord stirring in my heart and was thankful for the time allowed to spend at the altar praying and confessing my sin to Him. I don’t want to be that girl that holds back the rest of the group from going forward because I’m clutching tightly to sin like Achan did. Randy talked about why it took so long for him to fess up and that he had probably become self deceived because stubbornness had set in. He was quite possibly wondering who else might have been the cause of the problem – not even looking at himself as the culprit. It was when he was called out that he admitted to his sin. And as a result of his sin God removed his working presence from the entire army. That is serious stuff! We love talking about grace and it’s certainly not fun talking about sin but it’s so very necessary. He quoted John Owen saying, “Be killing sin or it will be killing you.” 

On a lighter church note……We had a prayer time Sunday night where we were standing up and praying for those in our church who had immediate needs. And I prayed for a lady in our church that everyone knows and for her need for healing but I used the wrong name. I plugged in our neighbors name by accident and I’m pretty sure everyone thought I was insane. Nice one, Mel! Pray for your neighbor whose name doesn’t even come close to the lady you were really praying for in your heart. Oh well, thankfully God knows it all.

Can I just add one more random note of nothingness…….The Olympic Men’s Diving team has got to get some more clothes on! Seriously, I feel like I’m invading their personal space by watching them in their skimpy undies.

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