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Guest Post Day – Funny Ha Ha, or Funny Peculiar?

Posted May 28 2010 12:00am

I’m not here today. Julie from The Sardine Tin and I have swapped blogs!

I’m glad it was Julie.  Not only have I found another new blog but she’s lovely and we seemed to have guest blogged with ease … oh and we both ate Mexican last night.  Mexican food that is, not ‘a’ Mexican.

When you’ve finished reading Julie’s excellent post you can go over to her blog and read my slightly sweary post … if you want to.

Anyway, enough waffle from me, here’s Julie …

Erica over at kindly organised Guest Post Day today, which means you are allowed to take over someone else’s blog for the day, and vice versa. Laura got lumped paired with me. I’ll come clean at this stage, I was nervous and a little bit in awe. I mean, Laura is a finalist in the “funniest blog” category at The Mads (have you voted yet?). Reading her blog, it’s not hard to see why. Let’s remind ourselves what funny actually means:

funny [ˈfʌnɪ]
adj -nier-niest
1. causing amusement or laughter; humorous; comical
2. peculiar; odd
3. suspicious or dubious (esp in the phrase funny business)
4. Informal faint or ill to feel funny

I am certain Laura’s blog falls under definition number 1 (have you read this stuff? It’s fab!).

Now, personally I like to think I have a sense of humour – I think I know funny when I see it. However, when it comes to “active” funniness, I can’t tell stories for toffee. Just the simplest joke will scupper me completely as I forget the punchline halfway through and somehow flounder to the end. (My children are the same, but their excuse is that they are only 3 and 5). The best I can normally manage is causing wry amusement as people smile politely at my lack of comedic timing.

I also find it incredibly interesting how a sense of humour varies across different cultures. There’s the old chestnut about Benny Hill being incredibly popular in errm… well, other countries (see, forgot that punchline again).

Anyway, moving on. The best I think I have managed in the funny stakes is definition number 2 – or, as my husband often tells me; “you’re actually a bit odd, aren’t you?” Er, thanks!? I have however, discovered the secret of my personal (very limited, I grant you) comic potential – you see, if you ever meet me in person, I will probably come across as very prim and proper, and quite reserved. One of my snobbier colleagues recently described me as the “only person with a bit of class around here”. By this statement alone it is obvious that he does not know me very well and that I have managed to fool him completely with my veneer of reserve and respectability.

You see, every now and then I like nothing more than shocking people by saying something so apparently ‘out of character’ that they can’t help but laugh. Normally just the odd swear-word will do, or maybe a reference to sex or bodily functions – because of course the best thing about humour is that the lowest common denominator generally works. It’s why kids love laughing about farts, and why Benny Hill is so popular in…erm… all those countries he is still popular in. These moments of comedy genious won’t happen very often, but strangely the probability does increase with alcohol intake. (Who’d have thought it?)

So, whilst I am biding my time and building up to the best joke in the entire universe EVER, please bear with me. In the meantime, mine’s a gin and tonic.

Oh, and please insert your own punchline right about here.

Photo Credit : Flickr


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