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Guess! No, really! Guess.

Posted Sep 09 2009 10:07pm

I know you’ll get this as soon as I type it.  So let’s try this quizz-style.   What is going on with Megan?

7.  She stopped eating yesterday.

You’re right-could be teething.  But, nope.

6.  She is having “accidents” every couple of hours.

Nope, not stressed.  Happily playing, in fact.

5.  Tummy started looking distended yesterday morning.

Got it yet? :)

4.  Around 3 o’clock yesterday, general grumpiness settled in.

3.  By dinner time, she’s having more ‘accidents’ and holding her stomach all the time.

Had enough?  :)  She’s totally CONSTIPATED.

You know, its an odd thing being a mother some days.  I’m cleaning up more poop than I can wrap my head around and calming a panicky little girl.  The inner diva is completely flabergasted at the fact that I’ve been cleaning up dirty underwear all day.  And the inner Mommy, is overflowing with sympathy for the poor little thing, and her gigantic tummy.

You wanna know our solution to this dilemma (still underway, mind you)?  Sure you do.

Well, I’ll give you it in Megan’s words, as broadcast to anyone within earshot:

There’s medicine in my bum, bum.  Mommy put medicine in my bumbum.  And its going to make me feel better. I’m going to go poop.  From my bum bum.

Clear enough?

(note to self – file under “stories to tell at reception”)

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