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Guardsman Holiday Home Care: Your Furniture Will Love You for it!

Posted Dec 16 2010 7:14pm

With the cozy winter months quickly approaching, families across the nation are beginning to prepare their homes for the hustle and bustle of the busy holiday season. While ‘holiday home makeovers’ top wish lists across the country each year, many people do not realize how easy it is to transform a space without a miracle being sent down from the North Pole.

Whether you are a first-time host or an avid entertainer, preparing your home for the holidays can take a toll on your budget and schedule. Instead of shopping for new and costly seasonal décor, opt for a more lasting transformation that will bring warmth and character to your home, even after the holidays are over – refresh and refurbish your home with Guardsman Furniture Care Products.

For nearly a century, Guardsman has been a leader in the furniture care industry. Guardsman’s  premium quality furniture care products include cleaners, polishes and protectors for wood, leather and fabric furniture, as well as a complete line of furniture maintenance products for touch-up, repair and spot cleaning.  There are a number of simple, inexpensive projects you can do to polish your palace and revamp your home into an entertaining euphoria. Guardsman home and furniture care expert, Sue Harman, says the first place to start is with a good, old-fashioned cleaning session. “Gone are the days of the week-long cleaning spree. You can achieve the ultimate sparkle and shine by following three simple steps – dust, clean and protect – with the help of trusted cleaning tools, such as Guardsman Furniture Care Products.”

While replacing furniture and enlisting expensive cleaning services may be a quick fix, new furniture and cleaning services are not a part of every family’s tight seasonal budget. Harman’s thrifty tips address all your cleaning and refurbishing needs.

Step 1: Dust

Start at the surface and pay special attention to the easy-to-miss, must-dust places such as cabinetry, shelving units, window treatments and appliances. To avoid scratching surfaces, Harman recommends using Guardsman Ultimate Dusting Cloths. “Most dust cloths simply snow plow dust off surfaces, into the air and onto the floor,” says Harman, “Whereas the reusable Guardsman Ultimate Dusting Cloths are specially treated to pick up and hold on to dust.” Harman adds, “The cloths also do not use aerosols, which can leave a residue that attracts dust.”

Step 2: Clean

Once the household dusting is complete, the next step is to care for the wood furniture and accessories around your home. Bring back the clarity in your wood furniture, framing and cabinetry by using  Guardsman Wood Cleaner. Dirt and oils, especially in the kitchen, build up over time, creating a dull, dingy look on wood finishes. “Many people think that a dampened cloth with mild detergent and water will do the trick, but this is definitely a myth” says Harman. “Guardsman Wood Cleaner is the solution – it removes tough stains without having to rub aggressively and potentially dull the finish of the wood.” To treat rings or marks on your finished wood surfaces, use the Guardsman Water Ring and Mark Remover. It eliminates minor blemishes caused by water, alcohol, heat, paint, cosmetics or moisture.

Next stop – those pesky stains on your couch that just won’t seem to come out! Whether it’s fabric or leather, the Guardsman brand of products has the answer. “In my home, finding new furniture stains has become part of our annual holiday tradition, so I keep Guardsman Fabri-Kleen Upholstery Cleaner on-hand all year round,” notes Harman. It thoroughly cleans and removes food, beverage and cooking oil stains from water-cleanable fabric upholstery (including microfiber) and carpet.

“For leather furniture, I recommend the Guardsman Leather Cleaner Wipes. This unique cleaning tool won’t leave a residue like some cleaning solutions or soap and water, which can harm leather’s flexibility.”

Step 3: Protect and Maintain

After all surfaces are clean, it is time to update and refresh the look of your home by restoring and protecting your furniture. Start by applying wood polish to all wood surfaces. Guardsman Wood Polish is formulated to enhance wood furniture and surfaces and, since it contains no abrasives, waxes or silicones, it will not leave a greasy residue, harm a wood finish or leave an artificial gloss that can change the look of furniture. Available in aerosol, trigger and concentrate formats, wood or lemon scented, Guardsman Wood Polish caters to all polishing preferences. It is also available with a UV inhibitor which protects the woods original color, making the wood color less likely to lighten when exposed to UV rays from sunlight in the home.

Complete the wood renewal process by repairing edges, corners and frequently used surfaces that show wear with Guardsman Touch-Up Markers. Combining light, medium and dark shades in a single package available for black and brown furniture, these markers can be layered and blended to match most wood finishes across the home. “The Guardsman Touch-Up Markers are a must-have for every home and can be used in more ways than you can imagine,” says Harman. She adds, “The fast-drying, non-toxic markers offer a long-lasting color replacement to wooden surfaces such as cabinets, furniture, floors, molding and wooden accessories.”

Lastly, preserve the clean and refreshed look of your fabric and leather furniture. Apply the odorless Guardsman Fabricoate Fabric Protector to keep fabric furniture cleaner for longer, shielding againt many damaging soils, spills and stains, while still maintaining the original look, feel and breathability of fabrics. For your leather pieces, use Guardsman Leather Protector Wipes. The wipes protect against penetrating stains and premature aging of leather furniture while still preserving the original feel and color of the leather. “Protecting furniture is the last, but certainly one of the more valuable steps in the overall furniture care process,” says Harman. “Guardsman Fabricoate Fabric Protector and Guardsman Leather Protector Wipes help you create an invisible barrier on your furniture, which not only makes future cleaning easier, but also safeguards your fabric and leather furniture for years to come.”

About Guardsman:

As the trusted leader in furniture care since 1915, the Guardsman family of products offers solutions for cleaning, refurbishing and maintaining the home. To locate a Guardsman retailer and purchase products online, visit and

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