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Growth Scan

Posted Oct 12 2010 11:58am
We had another growth scan today and everything looks perfect :) She's measuring 38 weeks, in the 75th percentile and weighs around 7 lbs 4 oz. I have a good amount of fluid around her and she did some practice breathing while we watched. Ryan also got to see her kick me in the ribs and I flinched at the same time. It was really funny.

She's head down and in a good position for a vaginal delivery and even though she's a good size now, the tech said she's not unnaturally large. My prediction is looking accurate now, haha. I'm still guessing she'll be around 8.5 lbs, which is still a big baby but tiny compared to her brother.

The tech told me that the diabetic diet I've been following has definitely been working to keep Marija from getting too big. She also said that since I'm almost 37 weeks, she can now safely come at any time and she'll probably come sooner than later, which is fine by me :) I went into labor with Franky around 37 weeks but it was stopped for God knows what reason.

Also, the tech confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt that our girl is ALL girl. We got the best shot today that we have yet and there's absolutely no doubt she's a girl, haha!

I'm so glad everything looks good and things are prime for a VBAC. Now all I gotta do is wait! Only three weeks left!

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