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Green Mama’s Rant: Stop Erectile Dysfunction Commercials on TV!

Posted Feb 08 2010 12:00am
Photo by sonyaseattleStop the erectile dsyfunction commercials!

Stop the erectile dysfunction commercials!

Ugh, it happened…after years of seeing erectile dysfunction (ED) commercials on TV, my eight-year-old daughter finally asked, “What was the commercial about?” I told her to ask her father, but he wasn’t home, so I was stuck. I’ve always been honest, so I told her it had to do with penis problems (not bathtubs).  She went, “Eewww,” and that was that. I was lucky she didn’t ask me what kind of penis problems.   Really, I’m surprised she hasn’t asked before now with how prevalent the commercials are on TV.

Beyond personal annoyance at seeing men talk about their penis problems daily on TV, I think it is really inappropriate these commercials are not limited to adult programing or late night.  In fact, why do we think it is ok for our children to be confronted with any pharmaceutical commercials?

If consumer products weren’t so heavily laden with chemicals, perhaps erectile dysfunction would not be such a problem for men.  BPA has already been linked to ED.  According to Green Living Ideas:

Grim news about BPA is constantly emerging. From heart disease to aggressive behavior, this endocrine disruptor is found in everyday products from tin cans to water bottles. Now men have something to fear from the chemical used in many plastics: sexual dysfunction.

According to new study published Human Reproduction, a peer-reviewed journal, exposure to BPA in the workplace can cause male reproductive problems.

Well, I suppose we have a few more years before my five-year-old son asks questions about Cialis and Viagra. That may or may not be a more difficult conversation to have.  I also wonder how much these ED commercials contribute to male paranoia about their sex organ’s eventual failure and how that may contribute to the distorted views of sex present in much of American society.  OH, just stop the erectile dysfunction commercials on TV!

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