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Great News!

Posted Nov 06 2008 11:38pm

First of all, Ria has the Food Allergy Awareness Week edition of the Living with Food Allergies blog carnival over at Check My Tag. Don't miss it!

In other, more personal food allergy news, Ryan had skin testing for tree nuts today: ALL NEGATIVE. Every single one.


We went back and forth about whether to even put him through the skin testing and had actually decided against it. But when we were in there, Ryan said he wanted to do it. The way the doc explained it was that if a kid without any other known food allergies (or family history) had the same tree nut scores as Ryan (Class 2s and 3s for about 5 or 6 nuts), then he would consider them low enough not to worry about, especially given the high rate of false positives on the RAST . Given that Ryan is Class 6 for peanuts and there is a 20-30% chance of him having a tree nut allergy, he thought it prudent to do the skin testing to rule out the TNA.

I was prepared to refuse it if Ryan was adamant, but he said he wanted to do it, even after I explained what would happen (and I know from personal experience). It went surprisingly well, after the initial shock, I mean. I had him giggling toward the end of the waiting period.

And now we know. PA only, and probably for life, but nothing else. I think he's glad to know it--so am I, to be honest. He told everyone in the checkout area that he was happy that he could eat ANYTHING he wanted to, except for peanuts, but when the doctors and scientists finished making that peanut medicine, he'd be able to eat peanuts, too.

And we didn't do any testing for Miss M, since according to the doc, a Class "0/1" is clinically insignificant. Which was exactly what I was hoping he'd say.

So, yay!

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