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Great Minds ...

Posted Dec 23 2008 9:34pm
Great minds think alike ... well sometimes anyway !!

I have installed a new widget on the sidebar (look right - I went to type left - then thought maybe towards the door - then thought hmmm you can't see the door - who has a great mind - it's late - I'm worn) - the widget formally known as 'followers'.

I feel 'followers' is a little crass .. that last dude with lots of followers got nailed to a cross by a few of them when things went funny - not funny ha ha - funny off the rails.

So I am opting for great minds - as in if you read my work then maybe great minds think alike.

I'm not sure this is much less crass than the 'followers' title ... but I am going with it. Apparently this wee widgie will allow folk to sign on and 'follow' my efforts on the keys.

As I am soon to be unemployed I am perhaps pursuing the notion that I might have more time to blog ... I am thus reading up on some of the tools of blogging - you know - what the career bloggers do ... oh to be so lucky to make a living out of chatter !! I do not dream so wild.

So please indulge me a little - share the love and sign on as a Great Mind - I already know you are one ... but alas - or the flip side - hooray - I already have one great mind - one of the greatest in fact - the ever so well read and researched and heartfelt, honest and genuine - strange and usual mix - Jen X 67. See her wee pic there ...

So hope to see you mug shot up soon - many hugs lexoxoxo
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