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Grains of Gratitude

Posted Apr 09 2009 7:13pm
1. I'm grateful Kayla did so well with the upper endoscopy and whole medical environment. She really has come a long way in her comfort level of all things medical-related. It used to be such a fight to get her to cooperate with anything. I'm so glad she didn't resist and cry when she was led away by the nurses because that would have caused me to cry and be even more stressed!

2. I'm grateful that I'm living here and had my mom for support during this be at the hospital with me, but also to pretty much take care of Lucas so I could focus on Kayla. It was such a blessing to not worry about keeping him occupied, fed, and entertained!

3. I'm grateful we were able to talk to Joe at the hospital after Kayla was done with the procedure. It helped to hear his voice and I know Kayla enjoyed it too.

4. I'm grateful for everyone's prayers, comments, and emails to me about this new diagnosis we're dealing with. Thank you for the advice and links too - they really have been helpful!

5. I'm grateful for all the things Kayla can still eat like fruits and dairy - she loves her yogurt and cheeses! I'm grateful she can eat corn tortillas when we make quesadillas, and corn tortilla chips, and that she already eats/likes rice cakes and popcorn and peanuts/ she can still enjoy those snacks. She ate Vans Gluten-Free Blueberry Waffles yesterday and seemed to like it. Several months ago I started buying the EnviroKidz cereal and granola bars because they were a healthier option and she likes those, thankfully they just happen to be gluten-free as well. Now we just need to find a little more variety in the cereal department though!

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