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Gourmet marshmallows from Plush Puffs

Posted Oct 08 2009 9:12pm

I received an email about Plush Puffs a few months back and was curious to learn what gourmet marshmallows are all about. I had the publicist send me a few samples. I received three boxes and was so excited to take them with me on my trip to Minnesota. Camping without marshmallows is just not right, so I thought since we were heading to my boyfriend’s cabin by the lake, it’d be a perfect place to test them out!

Plush Puffs

Plush Puffs

I think he was a bit surprised when I pulled out a box each of the Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Chipetta, and Caramel Swirl flavors.

I really had no idea what to expect but Saturday night, when we made a fire, I began toasting them over the fire.

Of course, it had been years since I actually roasted marshmallows so I discovered, very quickly, that I need not actually set them on fire in order to get them to their desired temperature. Yes, I’m afraid I wasted the first sample, but I handed them over to my boyfriend, who has much more experience camping and not setting fire to things and he managed to warm them to the perfect temperature, allowing me to really enjoy the Vanilla Bean and Caramel Swirl, in particular.

Mentioning these on Twitter, a friend of mine suggested that these would make some amazing Rice Krispie treats so I look forward to purchasing a box of the Orange Honey flavor for just that purpose.

I left the boxes with my boyfriend so his family could try them out as well. His nephew apparently made S’mores with the Chocolate Chipettas which were a big hit.

Of course, I didn’t read these roasting instructions until after my first attempt:

How to Toast Plush Puffs: Plush Puffs flavors intensify when cooked. Here are a couple helpful tips on how to perfectly roast them:

1) Use a long utensil that is preferably NOT metallic such as a bamboo skewer or a fork with a plastic or wooden handle to avoid the heat injuries.

2) Hold the Plush Puff about two inches away from the flame and turn it continually. This way the marshmallow melts from the inside out and browns evenly. And Voila! You’ve got the perfect melted marshmallow! With these useful tips, roasted Plush Puffs can enhance any of your favorite desserts or drinks into a mouth-watering treat.

A lovely description of each flavor:

  • Vanilla Bean – Don’t mistake these for your ordinary “plain” marshmallows. These Puffs are bursting with richly-flavored vanilla beans.  This “Cadilac Marshmallow” is a classic for toasting and simply divine when melted into coffee or hot chocolate or simply eaten right out of the bag. These marshmallows are gluten free, fat free and contain no high fructose corn syrup.
  • Simply S’mores – No need to race around looking for the graham crackers and chocolate anymore! Plush Puffs’ Vanilla Bean marshmallows are then mixed with all-natural graham cracker pieces, dusted with light cocoa powder and then topped with chocolate chips. These puffs are naturally low in fat and have no high fructose corn syrup.
  • Luscious Lemony Meringue – These all-natural lemony treats have the perfect amount of tartness. Fat free, gluten free and containing no high fructose corn syrup, these Puffs are delicious dipped into a hot cup of tea.
  • Chocolate Chipetta – These marshmallows start with an intense cocoa flavor and are then topped with micro-mini chocolate chips for that heavenly yet unexpected crunch. These puffs are fat free, gluten free, and contain no high fructose corn syrup.
  • Caramel Swirl – Plush Puffs’ classic Vanilla Bean marshmallow is topped with creamy bands of rich caramel. This marshmallow is sublime when roasted, dipped into a delicious dark chocolate fondue, and perfect in a steaming cup of cappuccino. These puffs are gluten free, low fat and 100% natural.
  • Peppi-Mint – These minty, refreshing Plush Puffs are bursting with natural peppermint flavor and are a perfect way to spice up an ordinary cup of hot cocoa or coffee into a special treat!  These Puffs are fat-free, gluten free and contain no high fructose corn syrup.
  • Toasted Coconut –Made from all-natural ingredients and topped with a generous coating of fresh coconut, these Puffs are simply delicious roasted and wrapped around a bar of exquisite dark chocolate. These contain no high fructose corn syrup. (This flavor is only available in bulk sheets)
  • Sydney’s Cinnamon – Whipped with the highest quality ground cinnamon and almond extract, the aromatic smell and flavor of these marshmallows being toasted is exceedingly pleasing! These Puffs are low in fat and gluten free. (This flavor is only available in bulk sheets.)

Yum! Now go and purchase a box or two!

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