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GoPicnic - Healthy Meals for People on the Go

Posted Jan 08 2009 3:01pm

If you travel a lot then you know that it is hard to find tasty, healthy inexpensive meals at the airports. And airlines no longer feed their customers in flight. If you travel by car and you are looking for convenience foods for your road trip you usually end up eating at some greasy fast food joint. Every parent wants their children to eat healthy even when they are on the go.

GoPicnic offers healthier meal options for people on the go. These meals come in brightly colored boxes and are ready to eat. Their products are made with all natural organic ingredients. And you can chose from their Mighty Munch Kids Meals, Gluten- Free Meals, Halal Meals, Kosher Meals and even Vegetarian Meals.

My family and I tried four tasty GoPicnic ready-to-eat meals. Below you shall find a detailed description of each one.

This was my favorite because it reminded me of home. (Wisconsin) The deli meal contains Old Wisconsin beef salami slices, organic crackers, asiago cheese, apricots and a chocolate chip cookie. I love crackers, cheese and salami. And this meal contains no trans fats, HFCS or MSG. The portion sizes were just right if you need a quick snack.

I wasn't that impressed with this one. GoDelight comes with sunbutter sunflower seed butter, strawberry preserves, organic classic rich crackers, pomegranate raspberry nut crunch, apricots and an organic dark chocolate cookie and towelette. The pomegranate raspberry nut crunch was pretty good and unlike anything I've tasted before. Everything else was to be expected. GoDelight contains no trans fats, HFCS or MSG.

GoPicnic Mighty Munch Kids Meal Aqua Munch
My kids loved this one. Aqua Munch contains sunbutter sunflower seed spread, all-natural jam, organic crackers, natural applesauce, white cheddar puffed corn snacks, organic cookies, utensils and moist towelette. I wish I had this when our family flew out to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving. The only item that I didn't care for was the sunbutter sunflower seed spread. I love sunflower seeds but the sunflower flavor was a little too strong for my taste.

This meal is kosher, halal and vegetarian.

All of the GoPicnic meals meat the 35-10-35 standards which means that 35% or less of the calories in the meal are from fat, 10% or less of the calories in the meal are from saturated fat, and 35% or less of the total weight of the meal is from sugar.

GoPicnic Mighty Munch Kids Meal Explore Munch
My kids also loved this one too. Explore Munch comes with a turkey snack stick, cheddar cheese dip, organic tortilla chips, organic applesauce, raisins, utensils and moist towelette. My son (who is a year and a half) loved the turkey snack stick. He was able to chew and suck out the soft meat from the center. This was the only item I didn't get to try. I loved the peach flavored applesauce and I'm sure most kids would also enjoy that. Although, due to my son's salicylate sensitivity he was unable to eat the applesauce.

If you are searching for a healthier alternative to fast food try GoPicnic today. They also offer sample packs which is a good option for first time customers. Visit their website to learn more about other delicious healthy meals from GoPicnic.


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