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Goodbye Spare Tire, Goodbye - you are outta here!

Posted Jan 27 2009 7:05pm
I am so happy I didn't win that blogging spot a few months ago! If I had, I wouldn't have this new, great opportunity! MomsCharlotte, The Charlotte Observer, and the YMCA are coming together to sponsor 3 Moms to lose weight and 1 to blog about it - ME!!! I will be blogging on the MomsCharlotte and the YMCA site. I will be featured with the other 2 Moms in the paper and the best part of it all....I will have a personal trainer 2x a week for 6 weeks, plus a nutrionist!!!!

I have met this trainer to do an assessment and to be frank, I'm scared! I could tell as soon as I saw her, I should be scared. So I am so grateful that I will have someone so dedicated to help me get healthy and in shape, so I will try not to cry, bitch and moan too much! This will start the week of Jan 4th, so I have a little bit of time to get my head in check!

I will finally get a better picture for my profile! Alex will be so happy!!!
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