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Good Ideas on Dealing With Temper Tantrums

Posted Aug 20 2010 8:51am

Toddlers throw temper tantrums from time to time and some are really good at it.  If you happen to have the nack for parenting you will be able to stop a temper tantrum almost as soon as it has started.  Some parents attempt to stop the temper tantrum by giving in to anything that their child wants.  However it is best to let the temper tantrum go through with the steps that it needs to take.

Temper tantrums begin when the child is between two to five years old.  Before you can stop the tantrums you need to know why they start.  First and foremost you should keep in mind that your toddler might be hungry, toddlers eat less and more frequently then an adult.  You need to show by modeling that temper tantrums are not productive.  It is also a good thing to let your toddler have some different options to let them feel as thought they have the control this should prevent some temper tantrums. 

If a temper tantrum happens for no good reason at all then it is a good idea to ignore your child as much as you can, be sure that they are not hurting themselves or anybody around them.  When you are doing this it will make you feel as though you are not a great parent but it will have your child feel as though they are not getting anywhere with their tantrum.  If you keep this up the temper tantrums will soon get shorter every time until eventually they will stop completely.  If you give in to your toddler they may feel that this is they way to get what they want.  You need to be the boss, not your child.

Over time your child's temper tantrums should stop.  If not you and your child should see a doctor about your child's behaviour.  There might be some medical reason why your child is acting this way. 

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