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Good Behavior

Posted Jan 27 2009 6:23pm

A few months before I left my job at a mega church, the remodel of the main sanctuary had begun. It was loud, messy and inconvient - but, excitement was in the air. And, so were the reminders to "be a good witness and show kindness to those working in our building". Duh? What did they think we were going to do - shoot rubberbands or throw staplers at them. Of course not, we keep that special treatment for those working on staff with us - our co-laborers in Christ - ministering alongside us.

It just always seemed odd that we were expected to act a little more "Godly" - to be a witness for Christ - to those working in our church. We might get an opportunity to share Christ with someone. And while I totally understand that....what cracks me up is - what makes anyone think that the construction workers who are laboring in our building everday do not already have a relationship with Christ? Why do we assume that this particular group of people may not have received Christ as their personal it because they work "in the real world"? To be honest, there are some employees at the church who are in need of having Christ shared with them....but, I believe it gets overlooked since they are "working at the church everyday".

I can remember my parents taking my brother and I somewhere and being told to "be on your best behavior". We never heard these words at home....almost like once we were inside our home....we could let our guard down and just "be who we were"....but, out in the world - and certain social situations - we were expected to "behave and set an example for others". Why is that? As believers, shouldn't we always be living our life so that every thing we do brings glory and honor to God - reflects back on Him. Now, I understand that we will not be able to always live a perfectly Godly life - that mistakes will be made - bad days will be had....but, sometimes I find it more exhausting having to access my situation to decide whether or not I should "be on my best behavior" or not. We should ALWAYS be living our a constant and consistant witness for Christ....even on those bad days! In fact, it's sometimes how we handle those bad days that can be the biggest witness to "living out loud for Christ".
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