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God's Blessings During Colic, Thrush and Baby Transition

Posted May 05 2009 4:35pm 1 Comment

This picture pretty much has summed up my nights and early mornings over the last week or so. Out of nowhere it seems that Gracie developed a touch of colic, and a horrid case of oral thrush. When I say horrid, I mean horrid and it seems to have came out of nowhere and rapidly developed over the weekend. Needless to say she was one unhappy,tired, and irritable little baby. I think the worse feeling in the world, is the inability to comfort your newborn baby, or any of your children rather, but it's something about a itty bitty baby that just melts your heart when they can't be comforted. I learned however, that there is light at the end of that tunnel. I learned ( what I already knew, but I guess forgot?) that God feels the same way about us. It isn't until we allow him to comfort us that we and our itty bitty babies are comforted. I learned that (I could easily try out for American Idol just as long as tryouts are held while I am in the shower) my itty bitty baby thinks I have a wonderful voice, and my non American Idol voice soothes her. I also learned that along with Gripe Water , the best invention in the world is this thing right here:
My beloved Moby Wrap . It is by far one of the best investments that I have made thus far. Who knew that a long piece of fabric would bring me so much peace and comfort. Thanks ladies for recommending it to me! My other favorite thing would be the yard sale steal I got this weekend on this right here:
A Medela breast pump! May I add that it came with all that you see here and then some, did I say for a steal? Did I also mention that it was practically new? All I had to do was some very heavy sterilizing and it works just fine. I posted before the baby was born that I wanted one of these. We couldn't afford one, but a friend of mine, who just loves perusing garages sales in gated communities went to a neighborhood sale on Sat and she called me about this and when she mentioned the price, lets just say I dropped all and went out in the rain to pick this baby up. Now my dear husband won't feel left out of the feeding process. And he can do more than this:

Did I mention this is why we need the Moby!

All in all it has been a tedious couple of weeks, but God has seen us through it. I am learning how to spread out more to my whole family and not have it be just about me and the baby. I will admit, this has been rather trying for me. But in crying out to God and his faithfulness to teach and train me, we are weathering this transition quite well. (mother and baby graphic taken from

Psalm 73:1 Truly God is good to Israel, even to such as are of a clean heart.
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