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Go Flush Yourselves! (For Good)

Posted Nov 21 2013 4:09pm


A month or so ago, Jenny told you about our involvement with A merican Standard’s Flush for Good campaign . (Perhaps you remember the vlog , live from her toilet? I, for one, haven’t been able to forget. I’ve tried.) From her post, we learned that around the world 3 children die every minute as a result of dirty water and poor sanitation. Three children every minute. It’s crazy to think about.

What you may not know is that Tuesday, November 19th was World Toilet Day. I bet you didn’t even know that Toilet Day was a thing, did you? It is, and it’s been around since 2001. The idea is to raise awareness about facts like this (found on ):

2.5 billion people do not have a clean toilet.

Why does that matter? I mean, beyond just being a very basic necessity?

Because a toilet can be a stepping stone to a healthy life, greater human dignity, freedom, equality between women, men, girls and boys, and finally, a catalyst to the development of communities and countries.

Because illnesses that are a direct result of bad sanitation affect the quality of life of millions of people around the world, especially children. Diarrhoeal diseases are the second most common cause of death of young children in developing countries, killing more than HIV/AIDS, malaria and measles combined, and resulting in 1 death every 20 seconds.

Because there is a strong link between the absence of good sanitation and poverty.

Because sanitation is a Human Right. In 2010, the UN General Assembly recognized sanitation and water as a human right, essential to the full enjoyment of life and all other human rights.

Because safe toilet facilities keep girls in school. Especially for adolescent girls, clean and private toilet facilities at school strongly influence their performance, and increase the chance to complete their education.

The good thing is – we can do something about this. This month, American Standard will donate a sanitary toilet system to a developing country for each Champion Toilet purchased. Additionally, for every 100 likes or shares they get on Facebook , they’ll donate an additional pan.

So instead of sharing yet another cat video, do us all a favor a share the Flush for Good campaign instead! You can also show your support by taking a pledge to do small things like turn off the water while you brush your teeth or to take shorter showers. Easy enough, right?

If I haven’t convinced you yet, take a look at the little faces in this video.

Now, go forth and share this on Facebook ! It’s the easiest important thing you’ll do all day.

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