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Giving Thanks For Early Intervention

Posted Jul 17 2008 12:00am

I'd like to dedicate this post to the AMAZING family of Early Interventionists that have played a key role in the developmental success of our four incredible children.

First came Stacy, our Child Development Specialist. Stacy has been with us from the beginning. By the time the babies were 8 weeks old, they were all home, Russ was on oxygen, and Stacy was there. She has become part of our family. We love her and her children. She will always be part of our lives.. long after our services are gone.

Stacy and her kiddos

Ashlee (Stacy's daughter) and Libby

Stacy and Russ

Stacy and Ally
Next came Jenny our Independent Physical Therapist. Both Russ and Molly needed PT. With Russ on oxygen, his development was delayed. Molly had tortocolis. Later she developed bowed legs and pigeoned toes. Jenny jumped right in. She has ALWAYS been there for us all. Jenny has gone above and beyond the call of duty (on too many occasions to count). Whether it's helping with dinner, bath time, or play time, Jenny is here. She's seen us all through good times and bad. She truly loves our children and we love her. She is, and will always be, part of our family.

Jenny and Russ

Jenny and Libby

Jenny and Mo Mo

Jenny and Russ

Nancy, our Speech Therapist, is the latest member of our team and she is unbelievably talented! In my opinion, she is THE BEST! When she started with us, I was so worried about our children's language. Within weeks they were talking. Within months they were talking back and speaking in sentences!! I LOVE it! Nancy, you are AMAZING and we love you!! Thank you for giving us the gift of speech. We don't know what we would EVER do without you. You have also become part of our family. We hope it stays that way for years and years to come. You are very special to us.

Nancy and Ally

Nancy and Russ

Russ, Libby and Nancy
WE LOVE EARLY INTERVENTION... "Check out my body art mommy!"
"Hey Russ, when do you think we're going to move up to the black belt?"
Ally and Russ
Molly, Ally, Russ and Libby
Molly, Ally, Libby, Russ
Libby (thank you Lord for washable paint)
Learning to stop and smell the flowers early in life!

With four preemies in the house you can imagine that we have had a great deal of development worries over the last two years. Our wonderful family of Early Interventionists have always eased our minds and kept us well informed. We LOVE YOU ALL! THANK YOU. Thank you for everything you have done and everything you do. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives.
Gen and Conor
Ps: We're off on our next adventure. Look out LA here we come! See ya'll next week!! Have a great weekend!

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