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Giving censors the middle finger

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:39pm
I wanted to post a poem I wrote on another website that I contribute to. I wasn't able to because it contains what is considered profane material. Whatever. I don't see what the big deal is. Okay so I use the F word...but only once.

Thankfully I can post whatever the fuck I want on my own blog. Three cheers for freedom of speech!!

So here it is. I wrote this years and years ago during a very lonely time in my life. I was probably drunk when I wrote it...My favorite time to write was always when I was plastered. It's a bit on the dark side, but I wouldn't be staying true to my black heart if it wasn't. I'm sure if a psychologist read this I'd be waiting in line for a spot on his couch...right behind Britney

Broken, battered feeling pain

Screaming, feeling so insane

Won the battle, lost the war

Tasting blood and wanting more

Angry...aching for a time

Grieving losses

Senseless crime

Drinking, thinking, drowning mind

Fueling dreams I wish were mine

Laughing lasting in my head

In empty echoes

Love is dead

Fucking, faking what I feel


What is real?

Knowing nothing, seeing clear

Every instinct blind with fear

Cancer creeping through my soul

A Guilty,



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