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Girls Night Out

Posted Mar 27 2013 8:10am



Saturday night I had the rare opportunity to go on a date with my daughter. We were both SO excited! It’s rare that I get to spend one-on-one time with either of my big kids. Joshua had a sleepover with a friend Friday night and so Saturday, I wanted to do something special with Sophie (she had a sitter Friday night while Bobby and I went out for our anniversary.)

Sophie got to pick our destinations, and the girl has good taste, so to eat, we went to Frisch’s Big Boy!



We took turns coloring her menu while we waited for our food. And we talked! It was great. Plus, I slurped down TWO vanilla cokes and a bacon cheeseburger with no bun (darn gluten) and sweet potato fries! Mmmm! Soph enjoyed  a gourmet meal of chicken fingers and fries with chocolate milk.

She was so sweet the whole time. Sweet, and funny, and grateful.

Her next choice was THE MALL. Yes! Usually I don’t care for the mall on a Saturday night but I wanted to stop by Sears to check out some Lands’ End clothes (shocker, right?) and Sophie wanted to hit the play place and then get a cookie from the cookie place that is strategically located…right next to the play place.

The play place on Saturday night was equivalent to the 7th level of hell. But Sophie still loved it! I loved being able to watch her every move and only having to keep my eye on one kid at a time. She was so cute, making sure I was watching all her antics. She was beaming.


It was crazy crowded with hooligans whose parents were not watching them, I swear.

After Soph got her cookie, we wandered back down toward Sears to find a bench for her to eat it on. We stopped right in front of the Shoes 4 the Shoeless mural. You may remember that Shoes 4 the Shoeless is an organization that I volunteer for . I haven’t been able to for about two months because of my back injury (all better now!) and my kids being constantly sick, and I can’t wait to get back into it in April! While Sophie was eating, I was talking to her about the mural. Her school just had a sock drive for Shoes 4 the Shoeless two weeks ago and so it was fresh on her mind.

There’s a drop bin as part of the mural for people to drop shoes they have bought at the mall. “Sophie,” I said, “let’s go back into Sears and see if we can find some shoes to buy and put in the box for the kids who don’t have any.”

“Okay! That’s a great idea!” she said enthusiastically. So, we headed into Sears because I had seen a bunch of clearance signs there earlier.


Shoes 4 the Shoeless mural and drop box at the Dayton Mall

Sophie carefully perused the section of markdowns. I explained to her that we were looking in this section because the shoes cost less here and that way we could buy more than one pair, so more than one child could get new shoes. I told her to pick out two pair. Happily, all the kids clearance was 60% off! Wheeee! You know I love a deal!

Right away, Sophie latched onto a pair of Skechers “Twinkle Toes” shoes. “Hmm, I don’t know if we’ll be able to afford those, I said. I wasn’t expecting them to be marked down that much, but they were only $9.99! “We can get them!” I told her. She was SO excited. Then, she picked out a super-shiny silver pair as well. What can I say, girl loves the bling! Those were marked down to $8.

We paid and the cashier said, “Are you getting some sparkly shoes?”

“We’re giving them to the girls who don’t have any.” she said. I explained she meant the Shoes 4 the Shoeless drop box.

Of course, the cashier was delighted by her cuteness and giving spirit. As was I.


Proud of her picks!

Soph proudly put the shoes in the drop box and then we headed home. I was so proud of her because not only was she excited to give, she never once asked for anything for herself. She was totally content with her Frisch’s and her cookie, and her mom. Sophie is not by any means a perfect child, but her sweet spirit about the shoes really touched me. She was really into those Twinkle Toes, and she was really happy that another child was getting them.

After that, we arrived home and popped in the movie Annie, which I’d gotten from the library just for our special night. She’d never seen it and she loved it, which thrilled me because of course it was one of my favorites when I was a kid! She stayed up til 10:45 even though she was sooooo tired. I couldn’t believe she made it!

We had the best time together. It was such a gift! I love my little girl and I hope we can have another girls night really soon.

How do you “date your kids”? How often are you able to get in some one-on-one time?

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