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Getting to know In Vitro Fertilization/ IVF

Posted Apr 07 2012 6:44pm

Fertility was not a problem to me… I’m so fertile that I can get pregnant almost  every year if I want to. In fact, I have to take birth control so as not to get pregnant every year. Now I am taking birth control so as NOT to get pregnant ever. I already have enough kids.. that’s four (3 boys and a princess) plus my nephew’s with me too (along with her mom). Physically I don’t think I can survive another pregnancy and childbirth, financially, we can’t!

It’s not the case for every mom/woman of course, some has to resort to  IVF  and other fertilization techniques to conceive a baby.    IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is done to treat female infertility (due to Fallopian tube problems, in vivo fertilization is not possible or is a problem). It also done to treat male infertility such as low sperm count or there is a problem in the quality of sperm cell.

The process how  in vitro fertilization  is done can be quite complicated but to make it simpler, it is done by fertilizing the egg cell outside the body and when it is fertilized, it is done injected back and place on the carrier’s uterus. The success rate of IVF varies to what it is being measure, usually by pregnancy rate or by live birth rate. Success rate is higher if the mother/carrier is younger.

How much is the cost of IVF treatment? It varies from different Fertility clinic. A friend of mine who had a successful IVF (and gave birth to a very handsome baby boy) shared that the cost of IVF in Singapore is  SGD 18,050 or ( USD 12,910 ) for one cycle (which takes about 6 weeks).



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