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Get value from ALDI’s shampoo

Posted Jan 30 2010 4:26pm

I love products that can be used for something else other than what they’re meant to be used for.

002 One product I’ve found to have multiple uses is ALDI’s 5 stars shampoo.

As a shampoo, it’s good for William, Giorgia and Annabelle’s hair. (Tiesha, Madeline and I need to use different shampoo but I’ve also used it for:

  • giving the bath a quick clean – I accidentally dropped the bottle in the bath when the lid was open and some shampoo spilled out. I wiped it with a cloth and found it easily cleaned off the soap scum without too much effort.
  • emergency laundry liquid – I ran out of laundry powder and only had a small load of lightly soiled clothes so I put in a decent squirt of the shampoo and found it did a good job. I wouldn’t substitute it as my laundry detergent but it’s a good back up.
  • hand soap – does the same job but it’s cheaper!
  • bubble bath – a squirt of shampoo makes lots of bubbles!
  • bubbles! – diluted shampoo and water makes a great bubble mix for the kids’ bubble blowers

Other suggestions that I haven’t tried:

  • shaving cream substitute – mix some shampoo and conditioner together and use as shaving cream
  • general cleanser – mix a bit of shampoo with some baking soda to clean almost any type of hard surface. It will smell much nicer than most cleaners.
  • washing your delicates – not only will it clean them, it’ll also leave them smelling nice.

At $1.99au for 1L, that’s great value and can save you some money!

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