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Gary Goldschneider’s Everyday Astrology: How to Make Astrology Work for You ~ Gary Goldschneider

Posted Oct 04 2009 10:00pm

This book was so interesting as it covered so much more than the normal astrology books.  It went into the people in your life, your sister, spouse, boss, co-worker!  I loved reading about everyone I come in contact with on a daily basis, and it is so cool the way the author knows just what they are like!! It was almost scary, but in a good way.  I loved this book and here is just a sample of what you can find in it:

March 21-April 20

Strengths: Independent, Honest, Energetic
Weaknesses: Self-unaware, Demanding, Pushy
Interactive Style: Purposeful, Focused, Dynamic
The Aries Relationship
Aries romantic partners can be counted on for their honesty and desire to maintain a close involvement. However, their dynamism is so great that you may not be able to meet their constant demands on your energies. Although they are extremely independent — and most likely will encourage you to be so also — they will also want to have daily contact with you, whether virtual, auditory, or physical. They would hate being called needy, since their self-image is one of total independence, yet they are in fact very dependent on their boyfriend or girlfriend, at the very least to listen to them, take their advice seriously, and obey their commands.

April 21-May 21

Strengths: Loving, Caring, Involved
Weaknesses: Overpossessive, Controlling, Manipulative
Interactive Style: Forthright, Frank, Giving
The Taurus Relationship
Tauruses tend to be very possessive in matters of love. They will look at you as belonging to them as much as their home, their car, or their clothes, and they will consider this a great compliment to you. Problems arise, of course, if you do not entirely agree with them, insisting that you are your own person and have the freedom to do as you wish. They may even seem to agree with you, since it only reinforces their belief in their own fairness and shows how secure their love for you really is. But, in fact, they will never want to share you or give you up when their feelings go deep enough.

May 22-June 21

Strengths: Fascinating, Spicy, Sparkling
Weaknesses: Unpredictable, Abrupt, Misleading
Interactive Style: Oblique, Persuasive, Flirtatious
The Gemini Relationship
Having Gemini boyfriends or girlfriends will certainly bring some spice into your life, as well as a good dose of uncertainty, since it is difficult, if not impossible, to predict their behavior. Changing moods guarantee few dull moments but can also put a crimp in your
plans or undermine the structure of your relationship. Making appointments can be particularly difficult since, although they usually arrive on time (when they do show up), the greatest danger is that they will abruptly cancel an appointment they never really
intended to keep anyway. Exasperating but fascinating, these ephemeral creatures will lead you on a merry chase.

Author Bio Gary Goldschneider, author of Gary Goldschneider’s Everyday Astrology, is an astrologer and the author of several best-selling books, includingThe Secret Language of Birthdays, The Secret Language of Relationships, and The Secret Language of Destiny. He has studied astrology for forty years and frequently lectures and writes on the subject. An accomplished pianist and composer, he has performed in concerts and recitals worldwide. He lives in Amsterdam, where he writes a regular astrology column for AvantGarde magazine. Visit him on the Web at and

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