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Gangliosides and DHA – Work like Nuts and Bolts

Posted Jul 19 2012 10:00pm
From The Suzette

Recently I came across some TVCs and ads on Gangliosides and DHA. Some time ago I wrote about Gangliosides, and these ads has brought back memories and inspired me to write more about this.

Many growing up milk brands have been focusing on DHA, until we are all very familiar to the term and it has became the standard in milk.

Anyway, back to this topic! Yes, DHA is actually a very important component for brain development in children. It is particularly important in the first 5 years of life and early childhood.

Taken from LifesDHA website, it says “Between birth and five years of age, the human brain increases approximately 3.5 times in mass. During this time it is important that children consume adequate amounts of DHA in their diet to support this period of rapid brain and eye growth and development.”

So, DHA is essentially what is required, for our body to support brain development. It is a key building block of brain cells.

And recently in the last few years, Anmum Essential has made another breakthrough –> Gangliosides. It is the only milk brand with Gangliosides.

So, what’s Gangliosides role in this? It is actually another special type of lipid (i.e. fat), that plays important roles in brain cell connections.

In layman term, Gangliosides actually functioning like bridges that connect brain cells, so that signals (messages) can be passed from one cell to another.

So, we need both DHA and Gangliosides (as well as lots of other nutrients), so that they have good brain development and function (i.e. have lots of good and healthy brain cells) and that these brain cells are very well networked/connected. When more brain cells are connected, the faster they learn!

This actually works like nuts and bolts. Two works better than one! I always imagine the DHA, which helps in brain cell development, are like the nuts. Whilst the Gangliosides are like the bolts, which helps in connecting the nuts, tightly fastening them. Both nuts and bolts are very useful, but only when they are used together. Any one part is missing the other becomes useless!

From The Suzette

So far, only Anmum Essential has both DHA and Gangliosides uniquely combined in their growing up milk. It is also said that the new formulation has more DHA and more Gangliosides now. There is no other brands that offer these two crucial components in their growing up milk. If you see one, do let me know.

From The Suzette

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