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Fun Morning Routine Ideas Sluggish Kids Will Love

Posted Feb 13 2012 11:39pm
I have no problems with my boys getting up early..when I say, wake up, 2 or 3 minutes they’re up and going. When it comes to my nephew, the story is different. We literally have to drag him out of bed. And if your kid is the same as my nephew, here’s an article from Anne Mercado of  Green Eggs & Moms :
Did you wake your children in the morning only to be greeted by half awake zombies?

Kids are adorable in their groggy state but when you’re trying to get everything done during the morning, it can be frustrating.

Need help? Let me show you how to wake those zombies by adding FUN in your daily morning routine.

First things first, this is a must: . Done with that? Now we can proceed!

7 Fun Morning Routine Ideas Sluggish Kids Will Love

1. Bathroom baton. If your children share one bathroom, have them pass around a baton or large key (you can make your own props) to the next kid in line.

2. Morning wakey. Instead of using your booming voice to jolt ‘em kids up, why not smother them in kisses or hum a made-up tune gently in their ear?

3. Early bird, early worm. Tomorrow’s worm that is! Have your children race to get out of bed. The prize? The winner gets to choose tomorrow’s breakfast. (Can you think of other prizes?)

4. Mad dash wake-up race. Continuing on the previous item, you’ll need alarm clocks that will go off simultaneously. Stand outside your children’s rooms and wait. The first one who touches Mommy wins.

The short sprint can kick away drowsiness from your kiddos.

For an added incentive, have the last person to rise do a chore. But don’t do this often since they might see chores as a form of punishment.

Note 1: Change the game mechanics if you have a mix of toddlers and school age kids. Bigger kids are usually faster so it may be unfair for the younger ones.

5. Morning checklist. The idea is from an article by  titled Top 10 Morning Madness Tips for Getting Kids up and Ready.

Create a checklist that details morning activities. Instead of using a pen to mark completed items, use laminated check marks, thumbs-up or whatever nifty idea you can think of.

The visuals helps give your children a sense of accomplishment.

6. Wordless Nagging. If your children find the previous item tedious, you can use printable morning routine cards instead. Put is somewhere they can see so you can give your vocal chords a rest.

7. Sticker Rewards. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book but far too important to exclude. Issue a sticker for every completed task. At the end of the week, give a prize for a job well done.

Note 2: No need to do all these everyday since kids will tire of them. Also, not everything on the list will work on your children. Find something they like, then use and build on it.

All moms know that with a bit of creativity and a lot of patience, a morning routine can be pleasant and enjoyable. Whenever fun is involved, there’s a better chance for your kiddos to get through their mornings smoother.


Anne Mercado is the quirky author behind Green Eggs & Moms, which offers clever tips and news to keep moms with young kids sane. When she’s not hunched over the computer working, you can find her either counting down to ten to get her kiddo to move faster, or reading a horror book. She also loves vampires and zombies.

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