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Fun dates...

Posted Nov 09 2008 11:34pm

That's the date of Sam, Ben's, and my birthday (September, October, and April).


February 15th.
That's the day that we attended Gladney's orientation. We spent the day hearing about the programs, the paperwork, and the process. We left holding hands, and I whispered " I feel like we just took a positive pregnancy test" (that mix of heady and giddy and terrifying, all rolled into one).

It's also the day that J took her positive pregnancy test. She spent the day in bed, crying.

May 15th.
The day we were officially Approved and Waiting.

October 15th.
The day Colette was placed in our arms, and our family grew by one sweet baby while our family tree gained a whole new branch.

That's also the exact number of days between Sam and Colette's birthdays, and Colette and Ben's birthdays.

Cool, huh?

(Oh-and it was nine months to the day from the day we attended orientation until we had placement. Amazing.)
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