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Fruit Smoothies Your Family Will Love

Posted Jun 04 2009 10:30pm
I get tired of nagging my family to eat their fruits and veggies. My daughter used to scarf down fruit like it was going out of style but now that she's almost 6 she's become much more selective. My husband's no big fruit eater himself, but my son can't get enough of it. One way to ensure they get at least a serving of fruit a day is to whip up a batch of Chiquita Fruit Smoothies. These come frozen, like juice, and you just whip them up in the blender with a little water or ice. You can also use this as your smoothie base and pack in more nutrition by adding yogurt, protein powder, fresh berries and more. These delicious and creamy smoothies are made with only natural fruit with no added yucky stuff.

We whipped up our very first batch in our Oster Fusion Blender (thanks, Chiquita!) and it was delicious! The Fusion created the perfect smoothie, blasting through the ingredients and leaving no hidden chunks of ice. I gave it to the kids as a frozen treat after dinner one hot evening and they never even suspected that it was actually good for them. The can says it makes 3 servings, but it made plenty for me and the kids plus a couple of neighbors.

Perfect for kids and adults alike (bet these would taste great with a splash of rum!) Chiquita Fruit Smoothies are a wonderful way to cool off this summer while upping your intake of antioxidants and fruity goodness. In strawberry banana, banana colada, mixed berry and peach mango flavors, your family may just find a new favorite treat that cools them and gives 'em a full daily dose of vitamin C. Look for these in the freezer section of your local grocery for about $2.69 each.

Find out more at You can register to win a tropical vacation as well as get some great recipes to make other tasty treats using Chiquita Fruit Smoothies. Banana Swirl'sicles, anyone? Yum!
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