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From A Princess Loving Toddler To A Guitar Hero Superstar

Posted Nov 26 2008 10:37am

So I’ve had this $100 gift card to Best Buy burning a hole in my pocket for a while now and I mulled over my options before hitting the store the other day. Not to sound ungrateful, but $100 doesn’t buy you too much at a place like Best Buy, and with two kids in daycare, I didn’t feel like putting the $100 bucks toward something and having to fork over cash for the difference.

During my lunch break last week, I was cruising up and down the aisles thinking, “Oh - I could buy a bunch of CD’s” or, “Man, I could buy a few movies” and then it hit me. I did what any self respecting 30 year old man, and dad who doesn’t get out much would do if he had $100 to blow at Best Buy…I bought myself Guitar Hero III Legends Of Rock. It’s probably the most non-dad gift I’ve bought in a long time and I had no idea that it would turn my princess loving toddler into a rockin’ Guitar Hero superstar.

Check out the gallery to see her in action! Click to enbiggen:

Although little Madelyn is only 4 months old, we will have to teach her either how to play the drums, so they can jam some Rock Band or she can play the bass next to Olivia. I had to throw her into the gallery since she patiently sits there and watches sissy play the guitar. I also think she’s a little jealous since she didn’t the cool rock star sticker on her hand.

Olivia still needs some lessons, and better eye-hand-coordination, but she loves “playing” the game and watching the people in the background dance around and sing. Actually, she only likes playing songs that have a female lead (Pat Benatar or Heart for example)…that way, she can watch the girls do the singing and Olivia can make fun of their hair and clothing. It’s entertainment to say the least.

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