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Friday morning, 9 a.m.

Posted Mar 04 2010 7:28pm
the advocate and I will attend Charlie's school district evaluation. This time, they must do a full evaluation and stop the 'screen and send home' thing they've had going for themselves up til now.

I have been preparing like a crazy woman. I have collected and delivered medical documents, reviewed his therapy evaluations and spent the last 24 hours reading the first 250 pages of a book on special ed laws.

His occupational therapist looked shocked today that they haven't accepted him yet. Anyone who routinely deals with him has the same response. In looking through the results of his speech and OT evals, I'm seeing that he is at the 19th percentile in receptive language skills and the 23rd percentile in expressive. And the day he had that test was one of the best days I've ever seen him have. On his visual-motor integration test, he was in the 9th percentile. Some of his skills were in the 15-16 month range.

We are at the ten-month mark from when we first began seeking help. It's only in the last three months that therapy has occurred regularly enough to be beneficial. We are on about ten different wait lists through one government entity that's supposed to provide help and about to have our fourth meeting with another government entity that is supposed to help.

I'm hoping having the advocate there will help; I'm hoping they'll see what I see. I'm secretly hoping that Charlie goes in tantruming and bites every single one of them while I sip coffee and take notes.

I'm so, so tired here, guys. I could use some comments of support and promise to update tomorrow, whatever the results.
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