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friday favorites: best of the internet!

Posted Feb 01 2013 6:00am
Have you noticed my blogging efforts this week?
Look at this!
Three posts in ONE week!!!  It's like I'm a professional or something.

And to finish up the week I'll share what has quickly become some of my favorite posts to read on other blogs: Friday Favorites.

Sharing what caught my attention this week, what shook me up, and where else I may have been on the Internets.

I love how Laura wrote this perfect explanation of how us moms can be while we're away from our kids in her post  Moms in the hall .  I found myself relating to quickly my off switch can be turned off....and then so quickly back ON.

Candace sent me this book and I've loved every page I've read so far.  Rachel Beller makes eating well sound and look super fun.  Plus, by the end of the book, you feel like she's your new best friend.  Love her approach.

Being a mom was rough this week.  And last week.  Okay, it's been rough for when I happened upon  When you give up, and you break, you've made it  on A Holy Experience, it was an absolute gift from God.  The words were just what I needed to hear, and within minutes I was desperately purchasing the book, Desperate.  

When I decided to begin homeschooling this year, I had a lot of reasons...but when my friend Jenn sent me this email claiming  that homeschooling is becoming hispter just confirmed that I'm definitely doing the right thing.  ha!

Lastly, it's no secret how much I love my trainer Tracy Anderson, so I was super excited when Gwenyth Paltrows Goop was dedicated to a Q&A with her, as well as a 15 min free workout.  She is just so inspiring...look at her body and remember she JUST HAD A BABY.  Now tell me her method doesn't work.  You just can't!

On Her&I this week we did a two part series on He Said/She Said where we brought in the husbands, and they ended up being kind of hilarious

Then I also showed how I make my infamous Rainbow Smoothie while also showing just how much I don't really belong in the kitchen

And then some of my recent fave Mommalogues topics....

How we chose our kids names

My ideal day vs my real life

Is the first year or parenthood or marriage more difficult?

Is harmless flirting really harmless?


Okay, so what have you guys loved this week?
Please share!

© 2012 "Le Musings of Moi"
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