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Free Kid-friendly on-line movies and tv programs

Posted May 27 2009 10:38pm

free movie and television shows
I am well aware there are a thousand age-old ways to bond and entertain as a family, but occasionally sitting together as a family to watch a movie or program gives you a change to pile on the couch, snuggle and just give into the empty calories that is television. Enter Hulu.Com. Look out cable companies, there seems to be a quiet revolution happening on-line.

Not really, it’s a NBC Universal site so it is really just a clever way for them to exploit their library of odd and aging programs, much like Turner’s 1992 brain-child, Cartoon Network which was a way for him to play Hannah Barbara cartoon and such. Then again, that gamble seemed to work out in his favor.

If you haven’t browsed its library, do so sometime. It is a mish-mash of documentaries, classic cartoons, sitcoms and movies, and a few amusing odd-balls. Each program is packaged with pre-roll advertising at the begining of each program, and a spattering throughout as well as a post-roll ad at the end, so you will have plenty of time to re-fill that bowl of popcorn.

In the Kids & Family section, you will find everything from classic Woody WoodPecker, Abbott & Costello shorts, and animated Spiderman to original 1974 episodes of Land of the Lost and Charles in Charge (with a young Scott Baio) to newer programs like Veggie Tales, Harold and the Purple Crayon. Currently the Family Channel only has 72 programs but the array is promising. They even have a few documentaries to choose from including Dinosaurs; Giants of Patagonia and Cosmic Voyage, narrated by Morgan Freeman.

I have been casually shopping around for a video projector for my laptop, so I can project streamed movies against a sheet in our backyard for my kids and their friends in the neighborhood. Whether it is a a special occassion or a family affair, consider Hulu’s Family Channel another option for the family.

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