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Four for Four!

Posted May 07 2009 9:23pm
I just walked in the door from getting my hair cut and colored. Seriously! My appointment was at 6, and my hair, it is a process. But then, I had to stop and get gas and when I walked in the door, Mr. P wanted to have a full on discussion about the swine flu.

Sweet Jesus, I am so tired of talking about the swine flu. My sister's son plays baseball in the same league as the kids in Massachusetts who have it. Isn't that super? Luckily, they're not on the same team. But still! Plenty of families in Charlotte's school went to Mexico so I am sure we'll hear of a case or two around these parts soon enough.

Incidentally, no offense but WHO GOES TO MEXICO? I am honestly shocked at the sheer number of people who apparently have vacationed there. You couldn't get me to Mexico if you paid me. Well, maybe if you paid no. Still no.

Anyway, here's a really terrible transition to our next subject.

So this afternoon, I dragged the girls on a few errands. Charlotte starts soccer on Saturday, so we went to the sporting goods store to get cleats and a regulation size 3 soccer ball. I also got her the tiniest pair of black Umbro soccer shorts I've ever seen. She loves her new cleats and wore them out of the store, so she was sporting a blue and white flowered dress with a little red cherry print soccer cleats, casting aside the adorable red patent mary janes she had been wearing previously that matched her dress perfectly.

It was really cute.

She was pretty psyched about the soccer stuff, despite the fact that in the car on the way there, she told me that she'd be getting "soccer shoes that are pink and sparkly and a soccer ball with a princess on it." In reality, she walked out with black cleats and a screaming orange soccer ball. Which she picked out, favoring the oranage over the pink (!).

I would be lying if I said I wasn't totally psyched for soccer on Saturday. No doubt it will be a disaster but I am totally in it for the stories and the laughs, so the more disastrous, the better the stories, yes? I feel my weekend posts ready-made.

After that, we hit up the car wash and Starbucks - aka the "chocolate milk" store where I had an iced venti unsweetened green tea lemonade and Charlotte had, of course, chocolate milk. Claire, for the record, had water in a sippy cup and everyone was happy.

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to fit in an eyebrow wax in the morning after I drop Charlotte off at school and then I'm going out to dinner tomorrow night with some friends from my mom's group. Should be fun. I will be sure to post, though. More later.
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