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Forward On: Green Way to Forward Fun Emails

Posted Nov 07 2008 12:20pm

Forward on is a website that shares email forwards from your inbox and make it easier and less spamy for your friends! For all your forwards you earn points to redeem on Itunes, MyChoice, Nature Conservancy, the American Red Cross and tons of others. If you are anything like me and have family members who love to forward you stuff but you absolutely hate scrolling through ALL the previous forwards this eliminates all of that! You just forward it to the email address forward on directs you to they reply back with a link which you pass along to your family members and they can view the forward you sent them without all the excess stuff in the email!

Its free to sign up and for every person you invite you get 5,000 points which are redeemable giftcards. They explain it on their website like this: “For example, lets assume that you forward a fun email to 10 friends, those 10 friends forward to 10 each, then those forward to 10 and so on for 5 levels. That will earn you 100,000 points (10×10x10×10x10=100,000), which can be redeemed for gift certificates worth $100 or donated to charity. ”

I think this is an absolute great idea. Every person gets all sorts of points and you can be kind and donate them or greedy and keep them! Heck you can be kind and greedy at the same time! Now you may wonder how is this going green? Well everytime you send an email it consumes electricity and bandwidth from your computer and the servers. If people use less of it then that conserves also can “go green” by donating your points to green projects!  You’re also going green in adding a little more in your pocket by preventing yourself from getting viruses and spreading them around. Trust me when I say viruses can get ridiculously expensive if not an entire new computer expensive depending on the virus! I’ve actually signed up for forward on and am inviting my friends this afternoon not only to get some awesome points but to help my mom and aunt stop sending me forwards I have to scroll forever to get! :) I am definitely happy they purchased this review since I hadn’t heard about this service other wise but now I’m definitely using it!

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