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For the love of CrackBerry please WORK!

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:01pm
While I've been, you know, BUSY and all it seems I can't get away from the computer, my cell phone, my email, my texts...the fact is, I am addicted to technology even if I ignore my blog.

The CrackBerry does not help.

In fact, that thing just adds fuel to the fire.

So, when you up and wash it, those faithful seconds where you search and can't seem to locate your lifeline, you do a quick backtrack because it simply cannot be the case that you have washed the darn thing, again.

Laundry, I was doing laundry. Oh sh!t. No it can't be. My husband is going to kill me. It has to be. No! it's not on the bed. Do not panic. Panic! Run for the washing machine. Search washing machine. No luck. It has to be. Damn it. I did it again!

And so, I sit, waiting to see if Popular Mechanics is right and that there is a possibility my CrackBerry can be saved. But, it is going to be days. Days! As in, quite a few DAYS! before I can attempt to turn it on!

You probably have absolutely no idea what this means because I know my dear readers are nothing if not reasonable people. It means, I am on hour number 1 without a cell phone and my right eye has started twitching, which after Googling such it turns out I may just be tired. Which probably the reason I washing the darn thing in the first place. I was trying to get some chores done when I should have been napping because apparently going to bed at 3am two days in a row only to be woke up at 5am by the puppies* can wear a girl out! I'm just sayin'.

On the upshot, maybe the good thing is that I'll start posting again...or you know, just spend all my time looking at my Facebook homepage waiting for someone to say something brilliant.

Either way, I'm sure I'll feed my addiction just fine.

* OMG, she jibblets, we have PUPPIES!!!! Yahoo! 4 toy fox terrier puppies who are weighing in at no more than 8 ounces. They are so cute they'll make your head explode!
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