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Foot Problem

Posted Sep 03 2009 3:31pm

Today my son went to an orthopedic appointment in the local hospital due to the sprained foot he had in January. The reason of this appointment is that after eight months he still has pain while making certain movements. This Summer he didn’t play football so the pain was not so much but on the beach where the foot has a soft soil it hurts a little. Floors like cement, glass tile, indoors and all the hard floor hurt less.

The sprain is taken too long to cure and the doctor told me it is possible that will take a few months more. Now we are going to wait for the physiatrist appointment and afterwards he will have some physical treatment to help the foot to heal.

Injures to ligaments are worse to heal than broken bones. Besides not showing in the X-Ray, injures to ligaments can last many months to be completely cured. I just hope my son’s foot cures completely very soon and that no future problems appear on that foot.

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