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Food for Thought

Posted Apr 01 2009 3:48pm
On TV this evening, abc World News with Charles Gibson, a very interesting excerpt was brought to our attention regarding another excellent reason to lose weight... on average, the subjects of this study were in their 60s and were tested in 3 month intervals. It was found that those who slashed their daily calories by 30% and lost weight had a "significant increase" in verbal memory AND that the more weight lost, the more their memory improved. The suggestion by those conducting the study state that the body does not need to produce as much of the hormone insulin and when there is less insulin, brain cells communicate better. In addition, those at a healthy weight can also achieve these similar changes in the brain to improve memory with regular vigorous exercise. So this shows that basic lifestyle changes seem to be the most effective ways to affect and even improve an aging brain and memory. Super news! Something that we can ALL do to improve our lives and those of our children.
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