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Flying Poop Bombs

Posted Sep 23 2010 10:51am

I used to think Canadian Geese were pretty cool – humongous birds that can lift their sorry big butts off the ground and FLY.  But now?  Do you have any idea how much a big bird like that can POOP?  Let me tell you – a LOT.  And when they fly in groups of I dunno – 100 – that pretty “V” formation becomes a flying poop-bomb.

There is actually so much poop around here that the kids aren’t allowed to play outside at school. The teachers want to keep them INDOORS.  Where they have to watch ‘em.  Where the kids spend recess inside wreaking havoc.  In the classroom.  With the teachers.  THAT’s just how much poop there is out there in the field.

So next time you see a flying Canada Geese Formation – invite them to your place, k?  I hear they make great lawn-mowers.  Which is easy to believe when you see the amount of grass they displace.

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