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Fly Stanleys FLY !!!!

Posted Dec 01 2009 10:03pm
Well if I had found this happening during the on-site interview phase of the recruitment process I might not have come ... Yes the wrath of the the lord / mother nature / disgruntled employees / karma .... is upon Whoop Whoop right now.

As first born runs round the yard yelling 'fly stanleys fly', I cringe in the corner and think 'please don't land on me, please don't land on me'.

Oh how I dislike the locust, the grasshopper, the flying fiend of the west. Yuk, yuk and double yuk.

As they 'ping' the house I feel like I am under siege .... Yes I know I am being a baby, yes I know on an educated level they can't / won't hurt me, but yet still I am like yewwwww YUK !!

So I try and fake it, I act all bravado-ish and scream 'fly stanleys fly'. I ask first born what this means ... He tells me it is from the movie 'Cars', you know Lightening McQueen and all ... when the old car statue called Stanley flies thru the air .... Are not kids amazing, the connections they make ...

Anyways, apart from the loci (plural of locust ?) it has been an eventful week for first born. He got biffed at school yesterday ... His mate was getting beat down from an older kid and first born went for the teacher ... after the teacher left the bigger kid gave first born a few punches to the face .... nice ... not.

School dealt with it as schools do, with suspension. MIC did an amazing job of reinforcing the good decision first born made. He is an amazing dad ! And you know, as kids do, first born bounced back with gusto and enthusiasm like yesterday was dead and gone and today was to be lived to the full. We adults could learn from this eh.

Anyways I had some nasty work to do today, so I'm going with first born ... and will live tomorrow like today is dead and gone. I hope the loci are dead and /or gone tomorrow too .... eick !! le xox

pics are not from here - I can't face going out to take pics .... yes le you are a BIG sook !!
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