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First Time Mommy

Posted Nov 29 2009 10:05pm
Yes, I already got three boys before I gave birth to Sati. I have been through a lot being a mommy to them and yet with Sati, I feel like this is my first time. For one, I don't know how to clean her parts. I am so used with boys that I have no idea when it comes to baby girls. I wish I have my baby book with me. I already gave it to my best friend, a real first time mother. Good thing that during my first few days, mother was here. So how to clean a baby girl's private parts?

She said that I should clean the area, wiping it with wet cotton from front to back. It should always be like front to back, never the other way. Why? Well maybe to prevent infections from bacteria coming from the anus.. maybe.. but that's the most logical thing for me.

But I am not satisfied with my mom's advice, so I asked Fedhz for some tips on how to. I am even tempted to ask Niko and Kaye (and Seiko and Yami ) since they both have baby girls too.. ( Jade and Gene you might wanna book mark this, just in case). And as always, I was not contented with their answers, so I searched the net for it. And here is some that I got:

Clean the genitalia.Hold baby's legs outward like a frog. For girls, spread the labia and using a moistened cotton ball, gently wipe between the labia. When cleaning around the vagina always wipe from front to back. You may notice that secretions and diaper creams collect and cake between the vulva and the outer labia. This area requires the most cleansing.A normal egg-white vaginal dischargeis common between the inner labia and vagina. It is not necessary to clean away this normal dischargesource

With a moist cloth, wipe the area from front to back to avoid transferring any bacteria from her anus to her vagina. You may notice that her genitals are swollen and red, or that she has a clear, white, or slightly bloody discharge - these are all normal in the first few weeks and result from exposure to maternal hormones during pregnancy. If these symptoms persist after the first six weeks, though, mention them to the doctor at your baby's six-week check.source

See, I was right on the bacterial thingy. And this last one, pretty explains it all: (and took most of worries away)

Your newborn girl's genitals have been exposed to many hormones in the uterus. Among other things, these hormones may have:

  • Made the outside of the vagina ("labia majora" and the "clitoris") a little swollen and prominent.
  • Caused a thick, milky discharge in the vagina.

Most dramatically, at 2 or 3 days of age, your daughter may have a little bit of bleeding from her vagina. This is perfectly normal and caused by the withdrawal of the hormones she was exposed to in the womb. It will be her first and last menstrual period for another decade or so.

Caring for Your Baby Girl's Genitals

Clean your daughter's genitals as you would any other part of her body. Spread the labia and gently wash out the creases; there is no need to go any deeper. Nature takes care of naturally cleaning the inside of the vagina. Use warm water only -- there's no need for soaps. Remember, this sensitive tissue is the same as that inside the mouth.

When to Worry About Your Newborn's Genitals

Contact your pediatric provider if you smell a foul odor from the discharge, which could indicate infection. And profuse bleeding or bleeding that doesn't fade away after a few days may also need medical attention.source

There is always the first time, I guess. I still had a lot more to learn and to experience. The worst part of having a new baby's hard calling her a she! Told you, I am so used to having boys and that me and hubby were used calling a new baby an endearment for a baby boy ( pogi in our local term, handsome in yours). Most of the times (although lesser now) we refer to Sati as pogi.. when will I ever learn?

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