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First taste of cow’s milk

Posted Sep 29 2008 1:03am

Finally, Isabel is given cow’s milk on last Saturday. Lately, I insisted that Ian uses cup when he drinks milk instead of bottles. With that, Ian’s night fix is not in the bedroom, but at the dining table.

When Isabel sees her brother drinks his milk, she also wants it. Lately, she has been wanting to follow the brother’s traits in practically every areas.

Just so that she doesn’t feel left out, I also make an ounce or two, so that she is happy. Surprisingly, she loves cow’s milk, and she drinks faster than the brother. LOL!

With my stock of frozen milk gone now (stopped expressing since 4 months ago), it is time to introduce and supplement with cow’s milk anyway. I still breastfeed her at night though. I aim to wean her when she reaches 2 years old. Another 4 months to go… Wonder if I can really achieve that? My production seems EXTREMELY low now. I wonder if she actually drinks much, or just suckle for comfort, coz I don’t feel much stimulation. LOL! If she just suckle for fun, then for sure the supply will be dwindled…

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