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First Midwife Appointment

Posted Sep 12 2012 5:58pm
I met with my primary midwife today for the first time this pregnancy and it was really good to see her again! She did a pap, a breast check and checked my uterus, which she said is definitely bigger than an 11 weeker, haha. She was able to catch the heartbeats on the doppler for about a second each but the babies must have kept moving around because as soon a she found a heartbeat, it moved. We're pretty sure she heard both, but she said it's hard to be sure this early with twins.

She said me being pregnant with twins is a major game changer as far as how my care will be handled there. I will have to alternate being seen by my midwives and by two different OBs, one who is a high-risk OB and the other who is their most sought-after OB on staff. When delivery day comes, I will be delivered by an OB and a midwife team. I was told I will definitely deliver before due date because twins tend to come early and to avoid certain other risks.

My primary ob just gave birth to twins vaginally very recently, so I thought that was really cool. My midwife knows how passionate I am about natural birth, and she's my biggest advocate, so I was a little nervous when I found out that the fate of another vbac would lie in my OB's hands. Her response when told of my history and my wishes? "I'll do a twin VBAC!" I was so excited. That I've already had a vaginal birth works in my favor and allows me the opportunity to try for another VBAC. The only thing that would cause me to need a cesarean is if one or both of the babies are breech. They want for both babies to be head down in order for our chances for a successful twin VBAC to be good. So I have my fingers crossed they'll stay head down. As long as the babies stay head down, when I go into labor, I will have to labor and deliver in the operating room just in case something goes wrong or if we need to do a c-section. Obviously, I'm not thrilled about the possibility of a cesarean considering I'll have a very active preschooler and a very active toddler at home along with two newborns. But if it becomes medically necessary for the babies or myself, then I'll do whatever I have to for them to be born safely.

After going over my complete medical history as well as family history with my midwife, I was advised that having the same genetic screening I had with Marija wouldn't hurt. I had the quad-screening with her because she had soft markers for Down syndrome (EIF and umbilical hernia), but I declined everything else. This time around I'll see a geneticist and do the quad screening as well as the NT scan, which was described as basically just another ultrasound where they'll look closely at both babies. If for no other reason than I want both babies hearts examined well because of the serious heart condition my husband was born with (ASD, which he had open heart surgery at 9 years old to correct).

I will also be monitored more closely because of the complications that could arise with multiples. The risk of still birth increases with multiples, so I'll be monitored especially closely toward the end. I will have an ultrasound once a month until I hit 32 weeks, then I'll be getting twice weekly nonstress tests as well as once weekly biophysical profiles.

These babies have been such a surprise from the beginning and continue to surprise me every day and with every prenatal visit. Having two is definitely a game-changer but I'm excited for whatever they bring my way =)

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