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Fighting Mold My Way

Posted Aug 24 2008 2:43pm

Both Anne and I hate bleach. More than most people, we tear up, get rashes and can’t breathe in the presence of noxious chlorine.

There are times though, such as when the shower tiles get moldy, that bleach is needed. Sure, we use environmentally-friendly products as much as possible, but they don’t always work on mold.

Here’s a trick that works for me: I use laundry bleach pens to kill off pesky black spots. You put the bleach exactly where needed, which reduces wastage and fumes while minimizing harm to the environment. Plus, the bleach in those pens seems to reek less than liquid and gel bleaches sold for the bathroom.

While the pens have small and large tips for applications, only the big tip is really helpful in the bathroom.

It’s not a perfect solution, but it sure beats my family inhaling death fumes.

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