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Fetus Club!

Posted Sep 18 2010 12:00am
Our baby is now in the fetus club. Woot!
Today marks 9 weeks.
I'm a fan of 9 weeks.
Very few of my pants are buttoning now. Yesterday's jeans had a good 3 inch gap between the button and the button hole. eek. Time for some new (or new to me) clothes.
My mom keeps asking me to come over and clean her house. She and my dad try to do the surface cleaning as best as they can (both being disabled), but the deep cleaning doesn't get done unless it's by my sister and me. I haven't told my parents yet, so she has no idea of why the thought of going over there has no appeal. I'm so tired and MY house needs cleaning. I told her that next weekend I may come over on Sunday to help with some cleaning. I'm also hoping to possibly bring over an u/s picture to let her know. The problem with telling my mom is she is a big blabber mouth, and now she is on facebook, so I'm a little worried.
Betsy and I have been wondering about twins the last few days. We are still not convinced there are not two in there. Even though I have already had one u/s, we won't be convinced until the second u/s next week. 4 more days!
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